Video: Caleb Folan has been watching too much of Pepe

Posted by - April 25, 2009 - Football videos, Hull City, Liverpool

Penalty area assault, part dos

Hull City’s Caleb Folan was sent-off in a pretty decisive moment in their defeat to Liverpool today. He saw his marching orders for a crazy penalty area attack on Martin Skrtel. It’s just like watching Real Madrid!

Spotted on 101GG

  • Brooks

    Pepe’s was much worse. At least Forlan tried to disguise his actions within his forward momentum and didn’t just blatantly kick a guy who was laying face down on the ground after the play had clearly run its course.

  • Louwrens

    I’m not so sure Folan will be getting a 10 match ban for this one if I’m honest

  • Rob Parker

    Momentum? Would that be the momentum that made him swing his right leg round and into Skrtel’s ribs? Granted it’s not as bed as Pepe’s, but still a blatant kick at someone who’s lying down.

  • Brooks

    No no, what I’m saying is that Folan (I did an awesome job spelling his name before, didn’t I?) at least tried to mix in the kick with his own fall during the run of play — he tried to camouflage it a bit, albeit not very well.

    Pepe, meanwhile, blatantly went over a kicked a man laying in a prone position after play was clearly dead. That was an indisputable assault.

    True, an intentional kick at someone is still an intentional kick at someone — my only point was that Pepe’s was much worse/beyond comparison. And now I feel we’ve (I mostly mean me, but I’ll say “we” to make myself feel better) thoroughly over analyzed this, so hurray for us!

  • metters91

    if you watch it skrtel holds his head, and how come it isnt a penatly for an obstruction, yet the ref give a freekick to geovanni out side the area at 2-0