GIF It: Cristiano Ronaldo gets nutmugged by Kieran Gibbs

Posted by - April 30, 2009 - Arsenal, Champions League, Football videos, GIF It, Manchester United

Arsenal youngster leaves C-Ron on his backside
Gibbs nutmegs Ronaldo

Getting nutmegged is never a pleasant experience for a footballer. But when the nutmeg also leaves you flat on your backside, that has got to be worse. And when you are usually the one usually humiliating fellow pros with your megs it is probably even harder to take.

With that in mind, please don’t laugh too loudly at Cristiano Ronaldo’s fate…

Update: YouTube has removed the video that I put together using this GIF. I’m pretty sure any court in the land would throw out any suggestion that this two-second clip breaches copyright, but the appeal process is too long-winded so we are back to GIF!

  • Doocey

    Glad someone else noticed it too 😀

  • Mic

    Is this actually decent news? I hate Ronaldo as the next man but would Gibbs rather have megged him or taken a result? I mean the WHOLE Arsenal side were embarrassed by Wednesdays showing, one lame shot on target? Lame.

  • Verrtino

    Mic don’t be a miserable git. Nobody said this was news, and of course Gibbs would take the result. Just appreciate the fact that the world’s most skilful player got a taste of his own medicine. Geez, its not like Utd LOST? Sour grapes me thinks…

  • Muffins


    That’s very satisfying

  • Caio

    He is not the world’s most skillful player.

  • Haw Yan


  • Chakabelli

    Caught that on Wednesday but it didn’t get replayed (it was worth replaying). Cheeky move by Gibbs whom I thought fully acquainted himself that day. i do hope we get a decent result on tuesday.

  • allez-les-bleus

    gna gna gna just what that oompaloompa needed

  • N

    not a nutmeg but a better move was when ronaldo planted ashley on his backside when he was playing for arsenal, its so much more funnier

  • Wilshy

    How do I make this gif smaller?
    Max. size of ava on most forums is 100×100 and this is 214×212 🙁

  • Connor Jarvis

    Ha it makes me proud 2 see that man u, portugese tango get put on his backside by a young, english player! :p

  • Yoga Harkonnen

    Stupid stupid stupid Gibbs… fallen fallen fallen… Beaten beaten beaten by 2 stunning goals of CR7… who is he ? Christiano Ronaldo the greatest player and will become the legend.

  • Yoga Harkonnen

    I was so extremely happy watching Gibbs slip away on the second legs semifinal UCL and his stupid act caused 1 goal by Ji Sung Park… and 2 additional goals by Christiano Ronaldo – the best player. 3 – 1 is sensational winning at Emirat Stadium… Glory MU.

  • Yoga Harkonnen

    Should Gibbs drink the arsenic ?

  • Dean Lake

    Yoga you are a glory hunting cunt. We all love Kieran Gibbsy!

  • http://http// john bidara

    The only thing that is worse than Man Utd, is Man Utd glory hunting fans. U disgust me!

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