Video: Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning strike that sees Manchester United past Porto

Posted by - April 15, 2009 - Champions League, Football videos, Manchester United

Pick that one out!

How far out was that? It has got to be pushing 40 yards! Cristiano Ronaldo produced this moment of magic six minutes into Manchester United’s Champions League quarter final second leg at Porto, and then proceeded to look as miserable as sin. The goal was enough to put United into the semi-finals where they will face Arsenal.

After watching that goal and mentioning the tie with Arsenal, I’m now off to wipe the drool off my keyboard!

  • Usama

    Officially 39.6 yards. Not quite 40, sorry old boy.

  • Junaid

    Ahhh round it up…:P

  • Jake

    Usama just deal
    just because he was .4 yards off doesnt mean you have to correct him

  • Usama

    I wasn’t correcting Rob, I was “sympathizing” with Ronaldo for not making 40 yards. And Junaid, half a yard makes all the difference in the world, just ask a certain Mr. Terry.