Video: Cristiano Ronaldo’s temper tantrum when he didn’t get a free-kick against Arsenal

Posted by - April 30, 2009 - Arsenal, Champions League, Football videos, Manchester United

Ladies, here’s C-Ron’s less attractive toddler side

To be fair “when he didn’t get a free-kick against Arsenal” doesn’t really narrow it down. The referee wasn’t going to be duped by Cristiano’s diving antics and, indeed, wasn’t for giving a free-kick on the occasions that he probably had been fouled!

Spotted on 101GG

  • Junaid

    When you’re a diver you risk not even getting free-kicks even if you’ve actually been fouled.

  • OmegaSupreme

    Yeah it’s the boy who cried wolf.

    How to look like a top ref: Don’t give anything.

  • Joe

    I agree Ronaldo has brought this on himself. He’s tricked quite a few refs and made them look stupid in front of everyone. I’m sure they remember that.

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    That should have been a yellow card for diving. He didn’t start to go down until he was a good two steps past Gibbs.

  • allez-les-bleus

    ahhahahahaha he is sooo amusing that I dont hate him anymore
    what a noob

  • benny


  • Facebook User

    wat a cock lol