Video: Emotional Frank Lampard phones radio show to defend himself

Posted by - April 24, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos

This DJ picked the wrong guy on the wrong day

Elen Rives’ remarks about her split from Frank Lampard and her current accommodation situation caused a bit of stir earlier this week. So much show that LBC radio presenter James O’Brien decided to host a phone-in on the subject in which he “said that men who allow their children to live in inferior circumstances to them were ‘weak and scum'”.

What he probably didn’t expect was a phonecall from a very emotional Frank Lampard who wasn’t best pleased that his family was having to listen to this on the anniversary of his mother’s death. It makes for enthralling listening!

Spotted on 101GG

  • Sam

    Well said Lamps….

  • http://none Jano Olsson

    i’m a united fan…he’s a legend.. well done lamps

  • Lee

    So often the media think that anyone in the public eye is fair game for them to pick over,disparage and make sweeping comments regading personal relationships thatthey can know nothing about. Three cheers to Lampard for not tollerating it.

  • ben c

    I’m also a united fan but cheers to frank! He was very polite and well spoken.

  • CR7

    Is that really Frank Lampard? The media doesn’t have the right to say the stuff that it does,

  • Junaid

    I always knew Frank was an educated and intelligent person, along with being a great footballer, and this just goes on to re-affirm that fact. He is a great person and this is really impressive. P.S. He is the family man, I still remember when his mother passed away…it was so sad.

  • Junaid

    And as far as I know they’re called RJs (Radio Jacks) right?

  • Junaid

    Radio Jockey*

  • Louwrens

    I don’t like the guy at all, but good on you Frank

  • dee

    just want to say from a spurs fan, what a great guy frank is and the media and radio wonder why people don’t beleive a word they say anymore i for one don’t, and as for lamps ex boo hoo it must be so hard in a nice apartment in chelsea has anyone seen what chelsea is like i have and i would’nt mind living there please, she was the one that left him when he needed her the most after his mothers death,so no i don’t feel sorry for her leave frank alone everyone xx

  • Ala


  • Josie

    Well the jerk (radio personality) wanted tooth and nail and he got it. I just wished Frank would have ignored the guy. This just brings more attention to his radio program and I’m quite sure he will get plenty of mileage off of Frank’s pain in the near future.

    Pathetic stuff.

  • Yomi

    Well said Frank. Much of those in the media are hypocrites and if given the opportunity you guys have, they will abuse it. My prayer is that the Lord will grant you the strength to overcome this turbulent time.

  • Sheps

    side issue but i always find it so patronising when religious people say that ^

  • James

    Sorry Josie, but ur wrong. Sometimes these media twonks, especially talk radio presenters, need to be put in their place and told to shut their mouths. Imagine if it was YOU he was saying those things about, would you not want to put ur point across? Frank was very mature in the way he explained he explained the situation. The DJ was naive to believe the news article and drew silly conclusions.

    Why would a multimillionaire superstar football player treat his kids like dirt?, especially when we all know he is a decent and passionate person. It’s such a stupid rumour. The press in this country go too far sometimes, if anyone is scum its them.

  • Gazza

    Well done Lamps, I hate the media they just pressume everything and think their untouchable, you put the DJ scum in his place.