Video: Lee Carsley’s horror tackle on Chris Iwelumo

Posted by - April 7, 2009 - Championship, Football videos

Nasty, nasty challenge

Fast-forward to 1min 57secs and prepare to wince. Birmingham skipper Lee Carsley was sent-off for this horrific above-the-knee lunge on Wolves’ Chris Iwelumo in last night’s derby clash in the Championship. Quite what some of Carsley’s team-mates were protesting about, we don’t know.

Video spotted on 101GG

  • mr crosby

    Incredible win with 10 men.


  • Kaje

    Well, it was a terrible tackle but I can’t understand how Wolves are top after failing to beat 10 men.

  • James

    Because Wolves have won more points than any other team in the league? Awful performance last night but then all the Blues and Reading fans know just what that is like recently eh?

  • cj

    bloody awful tackle, lucky not to have broken his leg – deserved to be sent off!

  • nathan

    No James we don’t know what a awful performance is like thanks to a six game unbeaten run. Wolves have been fortunate to get the wins that they have had even McCarthy’s said it. That sending-off was frankly a poor decision you could see that and McCarthy said that the ref felt guilty for the rest of the match. So fuck off Wolves.

  • David

    Are you Wolves fans idiots did you even see the game? I suggest you look at this link:
    From your own manager as well you pillocks this website is a disgrace.

  • Dave

    I cant believe what some poeple are saying, as a complete neutral I hope Birmingham win the league I really do, I hate Wolves with a passion and it was the best day ever when they went down after 1 year in the premiership. McCarthy doesn’t want to lose the plot and start blaming opponents at this stage of the season, that is why he “doesn’t blame carsley” Carsley is a filthy dirty player who should only ever be allowed to wear the shirt of a team who’s reputation is as bad as his e.g. Leeds, he always has been a dirty player and for anyone to say that was a bad decision is beyond belief.

  • Phil

    I think most people have missed the point. It doesn’t matter which team you support, it was a ‘dirty’ tackle and he deserved to be sent off. I for one do not wish to see those sort of tackles in our beautiful game.

  • http://sty ainsley

    it was an amazing game

    there was even a conga

    and the tackle
    it wasn’t above the knee, it was the knee
    and he shouldn’t have been sent off, he didn’t mean to get him
    everyone was saying it was an accident,
    even mccarthy was

  • Richard

    Not sure what some of you are talking about. How can you say he didn’t deserve to be sent off? Big Mick, didn’t say Carsley shouldn’t have been sent off, he said it wasn’t on purpose.

    Maybe those of you who think this wasn’t a sending off need to read the reasons a red card is handed out. The below Link may help, especially example 1.

    1. Being guilty of ‘serious foul play’ (for instance, a very dangerous tackle).
    2. Violence.
    3. Spitting at an opponent or other person.
    4. Denying the other side an opportunity to score by handling the ball.
    5. Denying the other side an opportunity to score by fouling a player.
    6. Offensive or abusive language or gestures

    Its only due to Iwelumo bending his leg and not having full pressure on it, that it wasn’t more serious.

  • Sanj

    What a great game,

    You wolves fans do over exadurate things! the foul was punished with a red card, this means blues were down to 10 men and yet we still beat you.

    I think you are soar loosers to be honest!!!


  • Dave

    Carsley is a fucking dirty filthy cowardly scumbag that lacks back bone, ambition and good grace to a play with flair and a brain devoid of being able to cogitate the difference between playing fair and ending someones career. It’s about time that he got a taste of his own medicine, I would love the irony of his career been ended by a similar tackle. Once again it goes to show that players of a similar nature play football rather than reside in prisons as their intellect would determine. I look forward to the day when some of these so called hard men play a game of rugby. Wolves will go on to win this league beacuse Birmingham and Reading aren’t good enough…simple equations. Points, goals etc…work it out.

  • Nick

    Dave, you slag Carsley off for the tackle and in the same breath wish he was given some of his own medicine .. what an unusual person you are….

    send us your email address – I’ve got some tissues I can send you for those tears…..

  • Tom

    Dave is obviously an idiot for what he posted about carsley, but so are my fellow bluenoses who dont think it was a red card. it was a shocking challenge!! but at the end of the day it was accidental and happens in football. the incident shouldnt detract from our performance (fans and players) who were both superb! KRO

  • TubesSCFC

    I’m a neutral, and cannot understand how anybody can possibly say that wasn’t a sending off. Studs up, knee height, it was quite frankly DANGEROUS, and so whether it was malicious or not it’s a red card. He’s lucky he didn’t break the guys leg.

  • Dave

    the second person called dave to comment on this is as bad as carsely himself for inciting that kind of hatred he is also as unintelligent as the people he hopes will reside in prison. It was a harrendous tackle, what the birmingham players are thinking of complaining to the ref is beyond me

  • Dan

    Ha u fucking brummy scum, worst performance ive ever seen watching a wolves game but u pieces of blue shit are how many points behind now. Blues aint gna get promoted so fuck off wolves need 1 win out 3 i think we will manage tht. shieffield n wolves goin up blues staying dwn where they belong. Go on reading take 3 points away from the scum