Video: Liam Lawrence and James Beattie’s Gears of War 2 chainsaw celebration

Posted by - April 19, 2009 - Football videos, Lookalikes, Stoke City

When goals get geekyLiam Lawrence’s goal against Blackburn might have virtually guaranteed Stoke stay in the Premier League next season, but it also highlighted that the Potters’ players are a sheltered bunch. For the second time this season, Lawrence and James Beattie rolled out a celebration based around the shoot ’em up video game Gears of War 2.

The duo performed a routine revolving around an execution via shotgun following Beattie’s goal against West Brom earlier this month. And this time the chainsaw was the weapon of choice as Lawrence sawed down his team-mate after scoring the winner against Rovers. The timer on the video counts down for some reason, so you want 50 secs remaining to see the celebration.

See what it should have looked like after the jump.

After the West Brom game, Lawrence confessed: “Some of us play with a few other friends. There’s me, Beatts, Wilko, Rory, Griff — even the old ones are involved! I’m the best at it. Beatts has just started, so he’s in a party with me and a few friends who are good at it.

“It sounds stupid but we communicate like we do on the pitch. We talk to each other at night just the same. I can’t tell you what my online name is or I’ll get all sorts of nutters after me!”

Goal video spotted on 101GG