Video: Michael Owen takes you on a tour of Dubai in his chopper

Posted by - April 27, 2009 - Football videos, Newcastle United

Just be grateful you didn’t have to pay

Here is Little Mickey Owen dressed up in his finest pilot’s gear to show you around Dubai from the air. That is assuming his wooden introduction hasn’t put you to sleep before the chopper is even off the ground. You can tell Owen really got involved with the role and is said to have employed method acting to improve his performance. The methods included watching paint dry, staring for hours at a plank of wood and watching Saturday’s Bolton-Villa game.

Please fasten your safety belts – we’re about to take off.

  • Danno

    This is so bizarre…the bit with the golf ball had me cringing so hard it hurt!

  • Miggy

    Oh. Dear. Lord. That was some seriously awkward shameless corporate whoring right there. I couldn’t quite decide whether to cringe or laugh while watching it. The thing with the gold ball was just…wow.

  • Mohamed S.

    If Dubai threw a 20 million dollar party for Atlantis, couldn’t they at least make a decent commercial?

  • Brad

    There is a Bryan Habana version too –

  • Mike

    Fell asleep after 2mins 25 seconds. Head hit the keyboard and still have the letter H implanted in my forehead! Thanks Michael!!! Enjoyed your goal against Argentina much more.

  • Julie

    This might be a dumb question, but is Michael really flying that chopper?

  • Usama

    @ Julie – He has a personal helicopter which he uses to commute between home and training, so I assume he does know how to fly it and therefore really is flying it.

  • Rob Parker

    He does have the helicopter, but the vast majority of this is computer generated methinks.