Video: Nicklas Bendtner’s grasp of English is on par with his finishing

Posted by - April 23, 2009 - Arsenal, Football videos

Arsenal striker struggles through silly interview

According to our calculations, Nicklas Bendtner has been living in England for nearly five years now. But that still doesn’t help him when it comes to fathoming his way through this interview with Channel Bee. The 21-year-old has quite obscure musical taste, claiming Nike are his favourite band. He then goes on to vote the Danish equivalent of Sky Sports News as his favourite sitcom (although he later takes this back and goes for Prison Break instead!).

Actually, a Jeff Stelling sitcom might not be such a bad idea.

  • jls

    I can see how he got confused, band brand and I know english people who don’t know what a sitcom is. This press hatred of him is rather amusing now.

    And seriously, spell his name right! It’s not hard Channel Bee!

  • Usama

    “I’d do Michael Jackson!”

  • Nana

    I think he’s cute 😀
    aaargh, he likes Prison Break, I love it too ! xD (even though I wouldn’t call PB a sitcom, but who cares? :b )