Video: Romanian coach gives his player a good slapping

Posted by - April 30, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs

A tough disciplinarian with a feminine side

Premier League managers’ habits of backing their players to the hilt or at least turning a blind eye to their misdemeanours can wear a little thin at times. Nobody could accuse this Romanian coach of being partisan. He is obviously disappointed to see one of his substitutes getting involved in a touchline fracas.

The coach drags his player away from the scuffle while giving him a succession of slaps to the head. He then walks the player towards the tunnel, offering occasional slaps along the way. When he briefly stops his attack the player turns his head to offer his case for the defence, and is duly slapped again. Onlooking policeman make half-hearted attempts to stop the assault!

The player can be thankful that his coach doesn’t know how to punch. We are thankful that this Romanian linesman wasn’t on duty – it could have all got a bit too much for him.

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