Video: Thierry Henry gives Hans-Jörg Butt a good kick to the face

Posted by - April 9, 2009 - Champions League, Football videos

Terry Henry Dental Practitioner

Bayern Munich’s physios had to tape goalkeeper Hans-Jörg Butt after a sliding Thierry Henry kicked him in the head. Could he have tucked his studs out of the way a bit more more? He sort of pushes off Butt’s face as if he was a swimming baths wall.

Reverse angle after the jump.

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  • Alan Thurman

    What a cheap shot, he didn’t have to “kick” him to the face. I have been playing 30 years and you know what you are doing when you have that level of skill at any speed. He follows through with the kick. A blatant attempt to take out the keeper. He should be suspended and fined for that kind of a cheap shot, but I guess in FIFA’s eyes that is just “Fair Play”!

  • Bayern Fan

    I agree.

    You can see him actually lift his legs in the video and then as is said above he pushes off Butt’s face.

    This is ridiculous.

    And he never apologizes…what a dirty player.

    If he was playing to avoid injury to himself and the other player he would have dug his cleats in to slow his approach…but instead he lifts them higher than they were and like it says above — he actually pushes into Butt’s face…

    UEFA should be ashamed of themselves — and I used to be a fan of Henry – no longer.

    This rises to the level of the Zidane head butt IMHO…