Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is a) a hypocrite and b) wrong

Posted by - May 11, 2009 - Arsenal, Chelsea, Football videos

The Professor might like to watch this video and climb off his high horse

Arsene Wenger has been frantically hunting around for scapegoats after a disastrous week for Arsenal and thought he had got one in the shape of Public Whipping Boy of the Week, Didier Drogba. Wenger claimed that the Chelsea striker had dived to win the free-kick which lead to the Blues’ opening goal.

He said: “We live in a league now where the divers are rewarded. It is not right, but it is like that. It’s down to the referee to do his job.”

Woah! Slow down, Mr Self Righteous. The video above shows that Arsenal players were attempting worse dives than Drogba. It also shows that divers are not always rewarded in this league, which is a shame because Adebayor deserved to be rewarded with a yellow card.

  • Farty Foulke

    What a lovely little article. Spot on. The Short-Sighted Professor is at it again.

  • Nave

    You should have posted Drogba’s dive as well to teach Adebayor how do dive properly to get the decision, both outside the box and inside. btw, whats your take on the free kick drogba got, was it a dive or not ?

  • Verrtino

    Author of this post, you are missing the point. Sometimes even the intent of causing a foul in the box can result in a penalty been given. Adebayor had clearly taken the ball past Cech. Drogba’s dive was so ridiculous, I think he took a second step to ensure his fall. Can’t be compared. But to defend you, we’ve have had our token diver In eboue and he was taken to the cleaners by Wenger for this. Please don’t compare Ade and Drogba on this however.

  • Rob Parker

    Nave> My view is that is was a dive but it was also a foul. I’ve only seen MOTD footage and the angles weren’t the best, but as far as I could see Fabregas did catch his foot and probably impeded him slightly. Did it require him to go down? No, so it was a dive from the point of view.

    Verrtino> Watch it again with the blinkers off. Are you saying Cech intended to foul him? He didn’t touch Adebayor and, as you say, the ball was past the keeper. So nothing prevented him from losing his footing and the ball was long gone: that’s a dive. I think you’ll find he thought it would be easier to get back into the match if he could get Cech sent-off rather than by just scoring the goal as he should have done.

  • nm

    You should know better than that by now – Wenger will never publically criticise his own players. This doesn’t mean, however, he hasn’t recognised either yesterday’s or the wider problems associated with Adebayor & as such I fully expect him to sell the player this Summer to quietly show how much contempt he has for this kind of behaviour.

  • Zekky

    Diving aside…FA Cup & CL Semi’s plus yesterday’s defeat means in their last 4 ‘big games’ they were 0-4 and outscored 10-3 in the process. Nice progress.

  • ph0bolus

    2nd worst dive of the weekend…1st being Di MIchele against Liverpool ahah what a joke that was..Sadly it probably would of happened to me.

  • cec

    full disclosure: i’m an arsenal fan
    the first thing i have to say is that the comment he made following that was “regardless of the call we should’ve cleared the header and that is our own fault.”
    the overarching statement is not untrue. i do believe that divers get rewarded in the league. Now, did adebayor dive? yes. did cech intend on taking him out? no. if adebayor had kept his foot planted would cech have fouled him? it seems to me from the video that he would’ve. it also seems to me that adebayor could’ve been injured in doing that. i think that there is a difference between that and a striker that outmuscles the arsenal defense every time we play falling over when someone taps his foot. Ade deserved a card for his attempt but i can see Wengers frustration given the situation. Ur right about Cech being sent off, would’ve been great for us, but we still would’ve lost the game becasue we were outplayed… again