Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas turns FA supergrass

Posted by - May 1, 2009 - Arsenal, FA Cup, Hull City, Oddballs

Cesc Fabre-grass

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has grassed up eight team-mates in a bid for leniency in the wake of his FA charge for his post-match celebrations after the FA Cup victory over Hull City.

The Spaniard has been charged with two counts of improper conduct in relation to allegedly spitting at Hull assistant manager Brian Horton and also coming on to the pitch when he was not in the matchday squad.

Fabre-grass said: “Yes, I came on to the pitch after the game to celebrate but there were about eight other players who did that so maybe everyone should be suspended for that.”

It is a shame the likes of Tony Adams and Ray Parlour aren’t still there to straighten him out: “Fabregas, you nark!” And Arsene Wenger will be hoping the FA don’t take Cesc at his word and ban eight of his players.

  • seb

    this is the stpidest article i’ve read in a while. congratulations, you fail

  • Rob Parker

    You didn’t read the Ronaldo shirt-throwing article?

  • Kung-Fu

    Perhaps the FA(idiots) did not realise how silly that charge was, as there were Hull city staff on the pitch as well. Why are they not also facing charges of coming onto the pitch?

  • Ritesh

    Whats wrong with coming up on the pitch after a game????

    TA did it many times FYI.

  • beaver

    The Fa are a bunch of losers…. This is a joke of a charge

  • Jack

    You realise the FA charged him based on a video of him on the pitch at the end of the match and the video shows all the other players… yeah super grass haha super stupid article more like it

  • Slippery When Wet

    Whats wrong with coming up on the pitch after a game????

    The groundsmen must be s*****g themselves with the FA fines they are going to get

  • cosmicflood

    Ban em all! Loosers.

  • weathers

    Quite possibly the most idiotic article I have read on this website – the author of this needs to be looked at, because articles like this are going to drag this website down into a level of the “other” football blogs, OTP is a big football blog, with articles like this, it will never get bigger, only make people madder because of the pure stupidity.

  • Will

    I think this article was worth it just for the Fabre-grass pun- that made my day.

  • Phil

    seb and weathers what’s wrong with you? It is, as always is tongue and not the run of the mill stuff, maybe you need that phrase explaining, I don’t understand why so many people read these articles then complain. Get a sense of humour, stop taking everything so seriuosly. Just enjoy them for what they are. Will, I agree, I bet some people haven’t even bothered to read it.

  • Fabregas

    Fabregas is one of the best players out there! His performance at the Liverpool match a few days ago really highlighted his passion for Arsenal. I heard he yelled at the team, “You are not fit enough to be wearing those Arsenal shirts”. I suppose he really got mad at the team but the outcome was that Arsenal won!