Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner thrown out of nightclub with his trousers down!

Posted by - May 6, 2009 - Arsenal, Oddballs

Nick-flash Bendtner
Nicklas Bendtner

By the look of the photos emerging from last night, Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner not only drowned his sorrows following defeat to Manchester United, but subjected them to a flood of biblical proportions.

The Dane was escorted from the premises of London nightclub Boujis with his trousers hanging halfway down his legs at 4am this morning.

Another photo after the jump

Nicklas Bendtner

No word yet on whether the pants were a gift from Cristiano Ronaldo!

Did Bendtner star in The Inbetweeners?

  • mark

    blatantly NOT bendtner. why bother?

  • gbemmie

    Screw the idiot… after arsenal lost??? he is just a bastard

  • Gooner

    Dont know whether it is Bendtner

    Thought he played well when he came on. It was interesting to see in the final minute of the game when Bendtner was on the edge of the box and wanted to give Ade a pass, and then failed because Ade didnt move. Bendtner threw his hands up and had a go at Ade. Fair enough given the lack of work he did do last night. Although I dont think Ade can be blamed at lal for the 1st leg. He was quite poor in the 2nd leg.

  • Peter

    First of all that’s not bendtner! he’s not married and the third pic has a ring around his finger.

    good try loser!

  • thomas

    This IS Bendtner. It’s all over the danish websites 🙂

  • Matt

    i wasnt wankin! MY COCK IS CUUUT!!

  • redaction

    definitely not bendter, he played better than that **** adebayor

  • footygirl

    what a loser.

  • Galadima Hammed

    I can authoritatively tel u that, it is not bendthner, his hair is not as dark as that.. take a closer look at it again.

  • nick carter

    bendtner is 6’2, this guys is clearly smaller than that
    bendtner not married
    bendtner is more built,look at the 3rd pics thighs

  • Usama

    Who else could afford the Emporio Armani underpants?

  • http://heisagay tomer bechor

    oooooooooooooooo he is gay and i think that he is astopid men ooooooooooo fuck yourself yaben zona

  • Rob Parker

    To the ‘this is not Bendtner’ posse, yes it is!

    And thanks to Matt for one of the best OTP comments ever. I might convert it into a lookalike!

  • danebabe

    if it is bendtner i wonder wat tym of the night he went and got a haircut plus dye…… plus he has a bigger package than that guy

  • Mandu

    Of course it’s Bendtner, proven by the fact that for some reason he’s officially apologised:

    ^Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Rob Parker


    Thanks for that. I’ll expect all the angry Gunners back to apologise shortly……

  • arseman

    No big deal????? After that ‘performance’, the entire squad should have been made to arrive at training at 6 am the following day. Not boozing until dawn!

  • CR7

    Calvin Klein underwear is way better.

  • rah rah rah

    hahahah idiots who didn’t think it was bendtner

  • arsenal122345

    it is bendtner
    he’s just apologised to the BBC for it

  • devin

    i wonder if ronaldo bought him those underpants…

  • Junaid

    And just when you thought he’d hit rock bottom…

  • Julius

    Um guys its bendtner. He appologised on Arsenals website

  • tom

    actually it is him here’s the link with him apologising about it

  • Gooner 2

    Hey Gooner! You can have a ring if you don’t married yet! I have a ring too but I am still single!

  • Cindia

    Thank you for the great tip, see you then. I have just got interested in blogging and hopefully i am able to do so

  • Carlos

    That´s humiliating, How that can be happening in anyway ? He covers his face with his jacket but does not pull up his jeans. I can´t think situation where that could happen to me. Or do he did that for a purpose ?

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