Be careful what you wish for, George Boateng

Posted by - May 20, 2009 - Football videos, Hull City, Manchester United

Hull midfielder could be in for a surprise

George Boateng might have just unleashed a world of pain after specifically requesting to face Manchester United’s secret weapon in Hull’s relegation crunch match on Sunday.

He said: “I wouldn’t expect them to do us any favours. But three days later United have a massive Champions League Final, so I hope their kit man will be on their team-sheet. Yet he might be a very good player as well!”

That’s an understatement, George. United’s kitman is Albert Morgan. Remind yourself what he is capable of after the jump.

  • PH
  • Ala

    Best video ever.


  • venu

    you don’t say!!!! if that’s real, talk about squad depth!!!

  • Tommy


  • Doocey

    Great vid 😀

  • Daniel

    lovejoy had that old crossbar ronaldinho-mimic trick done ages ago.