Chelsea star Michael Essien sues woman who says she is his wife

Posted by - May 13, 2009 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Ghanaian midfielder takes ex-lover to court in homeland

Michael Essien is suing a woman who claims to be his wife. Dela Ackumey, an ex-girlfriend of Essien’s, alleges that the Chelsea man had performed customary marriage rites while they were together. At first I thought this might be a euphemism. It’s not but the truth is equally entertaining.

The allegations against Essien are that he rolled up at the house of Ackumey’s parents with a couple of bottles of Schnapps and some Ghanaian currency, and the couple were given advice on their relationship. This, according to my brief research, is the essence of the customary marriage rites. Seriously.

Essien disputes this and is seeking a restraining order to prevent the woman from ‘holding herself as his wife’. Ackumey says she has video evidence to prove that the customary rites took place, while Essien claims that the rites do not amount to marriage in Ackumey’s Anlo tribe. Confusing or what?

Understandably, his current partner is not too pleased about this ‘wife’. Anyway, the biggest impact from a Chelsea point-of-view is that Essien has insisted on appearing at an Accra Fast Track High Court in person. Presumably he is hoping this will take place over the summer.

More on Essien’s happy relationship with Ackumey courtesy of NOTW

UPDATE: Some sources are now claiming that Ackumey brought the case before the court to seek a divorce settlement. Who knows? Who cares? What we know for sure is that Essien is involved in a court case that boils down to whether handing Schnapps to someone’s parents constitutes marriage!

  • Amazing

    UUMMMM this so called lady again. U were the same girl who apologized for claiming u re essiens wife why now again. No wonder, u have no boyfriend. shame on u.


    The customary form of marriage (presenting some drinks and money to the lady’s family) might seem ‘absurd’ but seriously it is the most important form of marriage in many Ghanaian/African communities, even today. In fact, every legal marriage in Ghana is preceded by customary maggiage of a kind. So if really Michael Essien performed the customary marriage rite, then he undoubtedly intended marriage. But the fact that they never sealed it in court or with ‘wedding’ leaves me doubting if he really meant marriage from his heart.

  • Abena

    Handling drink to a womans parents is the first atep in marriage in ghana and it is very important and well recognised. Grow uo Essien! Page 3 girls will do u no good, they will only bring u down to nothing.