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Come on! It’s Champions League Final time

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  • Usama

    Was that last line really necessary?

  • Joe

    While I came out and defended Overbo when people were making death threats toward him, I do maintain that he screwed Chelsea out of a rightful place in the final. I hope today’s match bores everyone to tears and is decided on a Danny Drinkwater penalty.

  • Brandon

    Wow, British people still whining about Ovrebo. Try blaming the incredibly overrated Drogba for missing a half-dozen sitters. You’re about to re-sign him, after all!

  • Joe

    Firstly, I’m not British. Secondly, I was not overly critical of Overbo in the heat of reaction to the semi-final as most people were. However, the referee performed VERY poorly and cost Chelsea a spot in the final. Thirdly, while not a huge Drogba fan I ask you this, is there as dominant a striker on earth whose club is willing to part with him?

  • hollis


    See Adriano.

    I know that they had their troubles with weight and giggle talc and a fair few other things, but they’re both still right up there as natural talents.

    Exile has helped Adriano out immeasurably, but he’s a borderline example.

    Apart from fat coke fiends (and Dutch clubs actually) I concede that you may have a point.