Cristiano Ronaldo likes music for people who don’t like music

Posted by - May 5, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Man Yoo star can’t get enough of Sade, Phil Collins and George Michael

Are so dull that when asked to share your musical likes on Facebook (or in real-life), you have to respond with things like “All sorts really” or “A bit of everything”? Well that can all change now that world renowned web designer Cris Ronaldo has launched Facebook application Bland Music For Bland Music Lovers 1.0.

It compiles a list of musical genres and artists so nondescript and plain that not even your closest of pals will suspect that you haven’t got a clue about music. Ronaldo said: “I like hip hop and romantic songs like Sade, Phil Collins, George Michael, Elton John. But if I need a bit of energy, I listen to Brazilian music.”

So on Monday we told you that C-Ron had been buying underwear for another man, on Tuesday we tell you of his love of Elton John and George Michael… I’m going to go out on a limb and predict we will have a photo of him in drag by the end of the week.

Spotted on Mirror