Cristiano Ronaldo showers a teenager with £2,500 of underwear

Posted by - May 4, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Did we mention it was Danny Welbeck?

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent £2,500 on Calvin Klein underwear for team-mate Danny Welbeck. The youngster’s admission that he buys all his underwear from bargain high street store Primark proved a source of fun-poking for many of United’s squad. But it was too much for C-Ron’s designer sensibilities.

The Portuguese winger splashed out a whopping 0.5 per cent of his monthy income on stocking Welbeck’s locker full with Calvin Klein pants. He could have at least pushed the boat out for some rhinestone-encrusted CR7 ones.

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  • Jill

    How ridiculous. £2500 that’s over twice what I earn in a month! What’s wrong with Primark goods? Apart from the conditions some of their workers endure and the fact that some of their items disintergrate in the wash. Not really my Primark stuff has been fine, I’m just jealous. How many pairs of undies do you get for that amount? Anyone know?

  • Ryan


  • Miggy

    Am I the only one a tad bit disturbed by Cristiano buying underwear for other men? Sure is generous of him to do so though. Then again if I earned the kind of money he does… No, I still wouldn’t be buying skivies for other people just cause.