‘Do Are Ya? Mario Balotelli

Posted by - May 21, 2009 - 'Do Are Ya?, Italy

Inter striker celebrates title victory with new barnet

Inter Milan’s Mario Balotelli celebrated his side clinching its 17th Scudetto victory by commissioning a special Inter Milan number 17-themed doormat for his head. It is quite something.

I’m still hoping beyond hope that Wayne Rooney might fashion his last four remaining hairs into a number 18 for the Champions League Final.

Another splendid photo from Dirty Tackle

  • OmegaSupreme

    I’m going to my local haircut shop and demanding one of these right now. If anyone wants to front I’ll just adopt a Balotelli-esque haughty attitude.

    Wazza needs to get his head waxed and forget all about looking cool.. or go for it and get a wig. Or better yet have velcro glued to his scalp so that he can attach different wigs depending on the situation. Serious hair for funerals, some wacky do for the end of season celebrations.

  • http://www.football-corner.blogspot.com Cathal Breathnach

    By hair-cut shop, do you mean a barber?