Eduardo pays for taxi for West Ham fan

Posted by - May 15, 2009 - Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham

Either that or Arsenal’s PR team has infiltrated a Spurs forum!

Arsenal striker Eduardo apparently paid for a taxi to ensure a West Ham fan with a dodgy foot got home safely! The Croatia international took pity on the chap who had waited outside the restaurant in Winchmore Hill, London, where Eduardo and his wife were dining for an hour-and-a-half to get his autograph.

Having finished his meal, Eduardo duly obliged by scribbling his name and then stood around for 25 minutes talking football, his injury comeback and possibly Britain’s Got Talent with the stranger/stalker while his wife sat waiting in the car. When the Hammers fan went to part from his new best friend and hobble home, Eduardo asked how he was getting home. Upon learning that the stalker was going to walk in the rain on his bad foot, Eduardo told him not to be silly and gave him £5 to get a taxi.

The story was originally told on Spurs forum Glory Glory by the uncle of the West Ham fan, who is probably now hoping that this isn’t picked up by the national press and have his whole family find out that he thinks his nephew is a “saddo”.

Good to know there’s some nice guys left in the game.

  • Sue

    Gave him a fiver?
    Where was he going around the corner!!!! lmfao

  • arsene wenger

    Eduardo is a cock

  • Joe

    True gent. As a Hammer I say ‘respect’.

  • BaneGooner

    Edu is absolute class.

  • hammer fan bro

    itz iz true eduardo is one of the best footballers in da world and also a gentleman

  • Asmo

    Good job it wasn’t Deadly Ledley, he’d have had a matching set of busted feet.

  • raiso

    eduardo is a real gentleman…………..ronaldo would have not done any such act in all his life…..ron sucks.