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Fabio Capello gives surprise England call-up to injured Derby County midfielder

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  • Tom

    “called up to play in goals for England”

    You made a typo too. It happens to everyone sometimes.

  • http://www, Andrew Bucholtz

    To be fair, the West Ham goalkeeper is Robert Paul Green; not that much of a typo. Maybe he goes by Paul sometimes?

  • Rob Parker

    @Tom – No, that wasn’t a typo – “in goals” is an expression as far as I know. Certainly where I come from! Not that I don’t suffer the occasional typo.

    @Andrew – Think the journo was just having a nightmare. Note Ben FoRster too!

  • Cathal Breathnach

    @ Tom, you’re and idiot!

    “called up to play in goals for England” makes perfect sense.

    So in future, if you’re going to criticise someone’s writing, make sure you know what you’re talking about first!

  • Tom

    I never heard it before Cathal. Simple mistake. Seems like the theme here. I’m sure I could come with a few expressions that would sound wrong to you too.

  • Usama

    Oh the irony, Cathal made a typo too!

    Word of advice, Rob, when taking screenshots use .png format, it’s much clearer than .jpg.