FC United go to war with Premier League over ticket prices

Posted by - May 21, 2009 - Oddballs, Premier League

Non-leaguers hit back at claims that they are more expensive than Bolton

Manchester United breakaway club FC United have hit out at Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore over his suggestion that it is cheaper to watch Bolton play in the top-flight than to watch the non-league outfit.

Scudamore reportedly told a radio show: “They are charging for adults and children for matches [at Bolton] less than it is costing to go to FC United in the non-league.”

Last week, OTP told you about FC United’s plan to allow fans to name their own price for a season ticket. The club believe that this has had led to them being targeted by the big boys.

FCUM spokesman Jules Spencer said: “We found his comments quite amusing. It costs less than ten pounds for an adult and child to attend together at FC United I don’t know a Premier League Club where prices come anywhere close.

“Maybe our campaign for fans to name their own season ticket price has struck a nerve. We are making football affordable for ordinary football supporters. Many of us can no longer afford to go to Premier League games with our families but we can afford to go and watch FC United where the quality of entertainment on offer in non-league football is real value for money.

“It’s nice to see that we are still on the radar of the powers-that-be. We must be doing something right.”

It does seem a tad strange that Scudamore (he who wants to take Premier League matches overseas), is specifically naming a club that has recently effectively announced 1p season tickets – if you really wanted to take the mickey – as one that is ripping off its supporters.

  • Dave

    What an uninformed plonker, sheltered in his Premier League ivory tower. Agghh!