GIF It: Chelsea’s Michael Ballack tries to eat referee Tom Henning Ovrebo

Posted by - May 7, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea, GIF It

Benny Hill meets the Discovery Channel

Michael Ballack: part past his prime midfielder, part bear. Here he is chasing referee Tom Henning Ovrebo down the touchline after his appeal for a last-gasp penalty for handball by Samuel Eto’o was turned down. He genuinely seems to be very close to mauling the guy to death.

The ref is quite content to believe that if he doesn’t look at Ballack then he can’t hurt him. But this is not true of a Ballack and it is not true of real bears!

Thanks to OTP reader Gary for sending this to us.

  • Martin S.

    That is absolutely hilarous. I thought the german were going to kill the ref. Talk about being in the centre of the action for him, Ovrebo!

  • Kasia

    ‘If I ignore him, maybe he’ll just go away…’

  • Goreill

    ‘If I ignore him, maybe he’ll just go away…’

    Classic mistake – appeasement all over again. History has taught us not to ignore ze Germans…

  • Kenz

    The ref was a disgrace to the game and i would be embarrassed if i was him… But ballack did look like a dick eventhough he had a reason to…

  • bajeh

    ballack had the right to protest. i will do more if it was me.The ref is a cheat. and he need to be locked up in gantanamo bay. how i wish bush is still there.

  • Zekky

    As I read elsewhere…Karma’s a bitch. Abidal should have NEVER been sent off, and Chelsea had plenty of other opportunities to kill off the game. I also don’t think a team playing a 9-0-1 formation should be rewarded with a trip to the finals.

  • Joe

    I don’t see how one, admittedly unjust, red card evens out four possible penalties. All we needed was one point to the spot and the match would have been over. But it’s a fair point that Chelsea had other chances to kill it off which they didn’t. I’m not sure why playing a defensive formation is reason to be denied a spot in the final. This is a results business and all the pretty passing in the world isn’t worth one ugly goal.

  • Zekky

    I just don’t like Chelsea, haha!

  • Dave N

    This was after the Eto’o handball, not the Pique one.

  • Joe

    Your logic is staggering.

  • BallisticBallack

    Ballistic Ballack: Ultimate Remix!!