Headline of the day: Moyes is afer a £6m Fanni

Posted by - May 1, 2009 - Everton, Oddballs, Scotland, Transfer News and Gossip

The Sun goes a little way towards redeeming itself

We don’t know too much about the wonderfully hermaphroditically-named Rennes defender Rod Fanni, so we can’t vouch for whether he is any good. But we do know that he is constantly linked with moves to British clubs. Unfortunately, we are unsure whether this is because he is a brilliant player or just so tabloid sub-editors can write headlines like the one above.

Any move to Everton will not be as controversial as his touted move to Celtic in 2007, which opened up the possibility of a back-three of Naylor-Balde-Fanni.

Update: We doff our caps to the clever clogs on OTP Twitter who has enquired whether this headline refers to Michael Owen!

  • John Burke

    I think you’ll find Celtic play with a back four, opening the door for Naylor Balde Fanni O’Dea!