Ian Holloway is back and is as brilliant as ever!

Posted by - May 22, 2009 - Championship, Oddballs

New Blackpool boss has got OTP in stitches already

Ian Holloway has only been in the Blackpool hot-seat for a day and he is already reminding us what we have been missing since he was sacked by Leicester. Holloway compared his stint with the Foxes to an extra-marital affair.

He said: “What I wanna do now is relationships. You see, the way I look at it, I almost had an affair. I ran off with another bird, didn’t I? Which was Leicester, and she didn’t like me, she didn’t want me, she threw me out. And I’d say sorry to my wife, but I can’t do that because you can’t amends. I’m going to move on with another bird, and this is my bird now, and I love her already, you know. Cos I think she’s meant for me.”

He then goes on to produce a slice of nonsensical management speak that even David Brent would be proud of. Read it after the jump.

Brent, I mean, Holloway said: “It’s got a famous past that might hold it back in the future if we don’t embrace it, but stop looking at it.

Click here to view Holloway’s return to form

And here is Holloway’s first press conference at Blackpool, in which he fines himself when his mobile goes

  • Steve Morris

    The other side of the story is Holloway moved in, constantly went on about his ex, didn’t do any housework, didn’t perform where it mattered and left us in debt!!!

    Let’s hope his new ‘marriage’ to Blackpool isn’t just more mid-life crisis!!!