Irony corner: Chelsea nutters write to Tom Henning Ovrebo’s psychology clinic

Posted by - May 7, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea, Oddballs

You’re writing to the right person for the wrong reasons

Internet sites and forums (including this one) have been bombarded with posts giving out the address of Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, encouraging hate mail following his performance in the Chelsea-Barcelona match last night.

The delicious part of this is that the address that is readily available online is Ovrebo’s business, and by day the bald official is a psychologist! Hopefully the vitriol doesn’t get too much for the dodgy ref and he can arrange for some of the correspondents to visit him for the consultations they clearly need. He should get a decent case study out of the Chelsea psychopaths at least.

One poster on Yahoo Answers gave a clear indication of the mentality (and intellect) of those involved when he said: “I NEED HIS ADDRESS TOO. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ASSASIN HIM?”

Yeah! Let’s round up a posse and assasin him… just as soon as someone tells me what that is exactly!

  • Joe

    LOL, assasin him! That’s hilarious, it made me burst out laughing in my ‘quiet as a morge’ office.

    Seriously though, as a Chelsea supporter I’m gutted by the result but people need to let it go. I don’t think he was biased, he made mistakes which did cost us the game. But he did send off Abidal, which at the time was a massive decision in our favor. Had the game ended 1-0, it’d be the Barca fans complaining about the unjust red.

    I think once the matches are over, the referees (Mike Riley excluded), should be allowed to get back to their lives. When refs are treated badly it just makes the standard of official worse going forward…who would want to sign on to be molested by various insane ultras who obviously nothing better to do?

  • Junaid

    I realize how Chelsea fans feel “robbed” and all but seriously…the poor ref had to be smuggled out of England under police escort due to death threats. He just had a bad game but that doesn’t give you the right to harm him.
    P.S. Lmao at assasin him…clearly shows the the intelligence of those involved in the threats.