Liverpool release statement condemning US radio host Steven Cohen

Posted by - May 22, 2009 - Liverpool

Reds see red over Hillsborough comments

Last month OTP told you about the myths and lies about Hillsborough being pedalled by World Soccer Daily radio host Steven Cohen.

The UK-born DJ recently apologised for his comments (which can be read here), which makes the Liverpool club statement released yesterday about as prompt as Rio Ferdinand turning up to a doping test. Nevertheless, the fact that Liverpool have decided to get involved is testament to the work done by The Gaffer and other US-based football fans in making sure Cohen’s ill-informed views were exposed to a British audience.

The statement reads: “Liverpool Football Club totally condemns the comments regarding the Hillsborough disaster made by the radio and TV broadcaster Steve Cohen.

“Mr Cohen has obviously never taken the time to read the Taylor Report which stated clearly that ticketless fans were not a contributory factor or responsible for the events of that day. To use the 20th anniversary of the disaster to repeat false claims about Liverpool fans (which Mr Cohen first broadcast and then apologised for in 2006) is even more unacceptable.”

Cohen issued an apology earlier this week, but rather than retract his statement went on to defend the freedom of speech.

He said: “My apology is directed at any and all people whose feelings have been hurt and people who have had awful memories and scars re-opened. The apology is heartfelt, genuine and sincere.

“I believe in the freedom of speech, opinion and expression and hold these values and freedoms as being among the most treasured of all freedoms.

“I recognise that with my position as one of the hosts of a popular radio show, I have a responsibility to my audience and perhaps the radio is not the ideal place to express every opinion and every belief I have if the net result is many people being hurt and upset.”

I hope he doesn’t think that every football fan in England tunes into his show to hang on his every word on the basis of this.

  • Johnathan Staring

    Based on what you wrote above, seems like you are JUST A LITTLE TOO LATE TO THE PARTY YOURSELVES!

    Steven Cohen doesn’t give a damn about the UK audience that much I have pretty much gathered. As for the apology, that’s the best you pathetic Liverpool lot are going to get. As soon as the first death threat was sent his way, any chance for any reasonable discourse. If I had to take a stab (oops I can see the death threats coming my way from Liverpool fans because of my choice of wording), World Soccer Daily’s stream numbers have gone up at least 20-25 percent since all of this happened.

    This piece amounts to nothing more than kicking an already dead horse. Incredibly stupid if you ask me.

    BTW, I’m sure you must have loved Christopher Harris fanning the flames of hate. Use his real name, not some stupid online handle that makes him akin to God. He’s nothing more than the worse of the worst tabloid journalist. Congrats on associating yourself with that crap.

  • joe grine

    It seems that jonathan staring aint getting none.Relax little man

  • Renardo Bomar

    I find it hard to have sympathy for the Liverpool fans who sent death threats to Steven’s child and family. Steven’s comments were an opinion about ‘sharing blame’ not only with authorities, but also with fans who already had a reputation for violoence even if many who died were not directly blamed. That is where the freedom of speech aspect comes from. Just because someone disagrees with you is no reason to condemn them.

    What about the threats of kidnapping and killing now being sent Steven’s way. If these threats were coming from the middle east, we would see the media labeling these people as “terrorist”. Where is the “outrage” and condemnation of those fans now? Interesting comparison.

    Liverpool as an organization needs to also include condemnation of their fans actions in this incident and in other tragic events of the past even if Hiilsborough was not stated as the root cause of that tragedy.