Manchester United player revs up the lawyers of Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sunderland

Posted by - May 20, 2009 - Hull City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Premier League, Sunderland

Belgian youngster drops his team in it by stating the obvious

Manchester United fringe player Ritchie De Laet has left lawyers at the three relegation-threatened North East clubs circling around Old Trafford after suggesting Sir Alex Ferguson will field a weakened side against Hull City on the final day of the season.

Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sunderland had already been busy making people aware that they would consider suing United should a second-string side lose to Hull.

The trio of clubs have been highlighting Paragraph E20 of Premier League rules which states: “In every league match each participating club should field a full strength team.”

Enter 20-year-old Belgian Ritchie De Laet, who hinted that Fergie has promised him a debut on Sunday.

He said: “I spent 15 minutes in the manager’s office and he was very pleased with me. I could be on the bench against Hull. Our big stars are sure to be rested and I hope to get my chance.”

The Premier League has confirmed it will be monitoring the matches to ensure that no rules are breached.

It seems a bit wishy-washy to me. Are we going to have retrospective legal action for any game Cristiano Ronaldo was on the bench this season?

  • Martin S.

    What the fuck. The title is won, league is almost over. The bottom teams, most notably Hull, Sunderland and Newcastle have had 37 games to decide their fate. We have larger things to focus on than Premiership relegation battle.

    Full speed ahead Rome!

  • Steve

    I agree that the league is almost over. I agree that the bottom teams have had 37 games to sort out there position in the league. Playing devils advocate then……what if on the last day of the season, Man U had to rely on everton beating liverpool away in order that you could win the league, yet everton had an FA cup final to attend, and then rested their best players because the nearest team to everton was 4 points behind………… you think Fergie would put up with that????……………. I am a Newcastle fan and I will be honest and say that we have been the joke of the premier league this year……..Still although you have the league wrapped up, and a champions league final to atttend amongst other titals this year………this is to be the bottom teams Cup Finals. How dare you make a mockery of the league.

  • Matty Dub

    the problem with that statement is that Everton would not play a weakened side against Liverpool, give Everton the chance to stop Liverpool winning the title & they would take it. Nobody is bemoaning the fact that SUnderland may play a weakened CHelsea side…

  • Tommy

    and who is to say what a “full strength” team is…
    i might take united against newcastle if they fielded a team with De Laet, Welbeck, Marcheda, Gibson, and i would even be willing to put ben amos in goal…

    i guess its all relative…

    and just for the record i dont really think that, but come on people…its not a conspiracy against the bottom feeders, its just that they do have a bigger game coming up…that wouldnt be the case if they hadnt wrapped up the league already, but they have…

    what happens if they put CR7 out there and he blows a knee just so this years minnows dont have a shout? lets be honest…

  • Louwrens

    Right, because no club has ever fielded a weakened team before.
    Liverpool have never rested their star players – Rafa picks the same line-up week in, week out. Absolutely ridiculous to threaten legal action over a club not fielding a “full strength team”. What’s the point in having a squad if you’re expected to field your 11 best players every week? How would a youngster ever get a chance?
    And anyway, who decides whether a team is “full-strength”?

  • hollis

    Hello Sheff Utd debacle mkII.

    When the relegation battle comes down to the last day it should just be accepted that if you go down it’s because you weren’t good enough.

    At least you can have some consolation that after 3 years of legal battles at every level availible you may get an out of court settlement.