Millwall have a new ticket office… a motorway service station on M1

Posted by - May 14, 2009 - League One

West Yorkshire Police tackle hooliganism by making fans collect tickets in service station on matchday!

Millwall fans have been offered the chance to pick up a League One play-off semi-final ticket, a Big Whopper and a Costa Coffee in one go. Lions supporters’ tickets for tonight’s clash with Leeds are only being made available today, and are to be collected from a motorway service station.

Fans have collected vouchers to say they are entitled to one of the 1,000 tickets, but can only get the ticket itself by visiting the allocated service station at 5pm. The scheme is intended to avoid tickets being sold or passed on to undesirables. Luckily there is never any football trouble at M1 service stations.

Sounds a bit extreme to OTP. What do you reckon?

  • Tommy

    considering nobody cares about millwall and they are crap with silly hooligan fans i think this is okay…its a little harsh on both of their normal fans but thats what happens when you support a crap club….

  • Garreth

    I think it’s yet more unfair stereotyping of football fans, and Millwall fans in particular. This doesn’t take into account anyone who may want to travel to the match on public transport, and is yet another example of football fans being policed and treated like criminals rather than on their actual behaviour. No other group in society is treated with such disdain.

  • Tommy

    i will admit i was a bit harsh for sure…this stereotype is a tough one to get around…

    the millwall supporters are getting a bad name because of their hard men that like to act up…the problem is that it happens so often that the real non-hooligan faithful are getting mixed in with the idiots…

    they need to start a grassroots campaign against the hooligans and help restore their name a little, that way they show the authorities that they are making and effort and everybody wins….you can say they shouldnt have to do that but that is how the real world works…people will buy into stereotypes until you prove to them that they dont fit…

  • Millwall FC

    Come on you lions!!!!

    Leeds r gna get dun ovr

  • Ryan

    They did this for the league game earlier in the season too, it’s ridiculous. What if fans want to take the train?

  • Paddy

    Tommy, the vast majority of Millwall fans are the genuine fans. There is a small element, like with any club, that still follow the hooligan roots. Thousands of fans have been banned from home and away games, for a number of seasons now, the club has done all it can to stop any problems concerning fans.. It’s people like you, with your stereotypical opinions, that have forced us to have to stop at a service station just to go and pick up a ticket for a game of football.

  • Tommy

    paddy my friend, please understand i agree with you…i dont think you should have to do the pickup…all i am saying that in the world we live in public opinion is rule….

    I know most millwall fans are the real thing and i feel for them and their inconvenience… do i think all millwall are hooligans? of course not…that would be ridiculous…i just know public perception does mean something…

    I am a West Ham man and i know about the stereotypes…if the news even mentions hooliganism and the hammers people get their hackles up…

    so you can think i have a stereotypical mind if you want, personally i dont think i do…but how you perceive me makes all the difference to you…

    so best of luck, hopefully you dont take the train…

  • Tommy

    and do please excuse my rudeness, not at all who i am and want to keep a good relationship with all the contributors here…not an excuse but this story caught me after a bad business meeting and i was in a surly mood…

    so off the post please forgive me and lets move on!

  • SCFC James

    im sure not all of them ar hooligans, i mean stoke have the same reputation but im not 1 :/ and ive actually gone to one of the old millwall games be4 when i was down there and i wore my stoke shirt in the home end with my mate and i didnt get beat up did i?