Newcastle in line to become best-supported club to relegated. Ever

Posted by - May 19, 2009 - Lists, Newcastle United

St James’ Park’s dropping attendance figures are still higher than they should be

Newcastle United’s defeat to Fulham on Saturday was their final home fixture of the season. And the big crowd that got behind the Magpies and roared them to the brink of relegation helped to put the club on the verge of getting into the record books. If Newcastle do now go down they will become the best-supported club to drop down a division in English football.

According to a bit of research by, the Magpies average attendance of 48,750 would smash current attendance records for a relegated team. And it would be even higher if Mike Ashley and the Cockney Mafia hadn’t have missed all those games!

The current top five is:

1. Manchester United (1973/74): 42,712
2. Sheffield Wednesday (1950/51): 41,222
3. Everton (1950/51): 42,924
4. Liverpool (1953/54): 40,488
5. Sunderland (2002/03): 39,698

I suspect most Newcastle fans would rather stay in the Premier League than take their place as record breakers though!

Thanks to OTP reader Richard for sending this in.

  • Bad Baggie

    but how many was left in the ground with ten minutes to go???

    best support myarse!

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    I think Manchester City Fans (myself included) would have something to say about that. We were pulling over 30 thousand in the old Division Two (League One). NUFC will probably go into administration before they get a chance to get relegated again.

  • Tom King

    Newcastle’s amazing support is a media myth. Check out their attendances during the early 90s before keegan took over. About 16000? Compare that to Man City when they went down to division 2. 29000? Or Leeds average attendance this year? 23000?
    These are big clubs. I can see Newcastle going into freefall for a couple of seasons. If that happens, then we will see the true extent of their supporter’s loyalty. Sunderland are a bigger club than newcastle.

  • Bob

    Actually Tom, the media myth is that only Newcastle’s attendances were poor in the 80s.

    Everyone’s attendances were low in the 80s and early 90s! One of your examples, Leeds, average dropped to 13,000 in the mid 80s. Man City were averaging sub 20k in the late 80s, Everton averaged just 19,000 a season before winning the league and Villa were sub 20k in every season between 84 and 89, averaging as low as 15,000 just a few years after lifting the European Cup.

    On the other hand Newcastle’s attendances were generally among the top 6 in England throughout the 80s, despite being rubbish.