Supporter banned by chairman for being an ‘ass’

Posted by - May 30, 2009 - Oddballs

Non-league Taunton bars ‘smart Alec’ fan

A Taunton Town fan has been banned from the club’s ground because the chairman considers him to be an “ass” and a “smart Alec”. Paul Chandler, aged 55, was formerly the chairman of the club’s Supporters’ Club until he raised concerns over the way the club was being run during a meeting with the board.

The board immediately informed him that the Supporters’ Club was a ‘disgrace’ that did not have the right to ask questions, disbanded it and banned Mr Chandler from the ground. Having been refused entry to the club and had his correspondence ignored, Mr Chandler contacted the Football Supporters’ Federation who attended Taunton’s AGM to find out the reasons behind the ban.

The FSF left without any satisfactory answers and so followed up the meeting with a letter. The reply from Taunton chairman Tom Harris said Mr Chandler was barred because he was an “ass” and a “smart Alec”.

Mr Chandler said: “All I wanted from the club was the chance to defend myself. If I’m banned they should at least tell me why and give me the right to appeal. If that makes me an ‘ass’ and ‘a smart Alec’ then who knows what it makes the legal system in the UK where this is a fundamental point of principle.”

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  • Tanuj Lakhina

    So they want averagely smart fans or dumb fans,only?Interesting theory.