Things we heard today: James Vaughan’s auntie claiming her nephew will be bigger than Wayne Rooney

Posted by - May 2, 2009 - Everton

Not in the waist department, you understand

Off The Post was having a nice relaxing afternoon at the beach when its Mahou-induced snooze was interrupted by a shrill Scouse accent cutting through the air (OK, she was fairly well spoken. Liverpool posh, I think they call it).

The woman owned a bar at the beach, near famous football hangout La Manga, and sparked up chat with a group of customers. It took her a full three sentences before name-dropping that she was the auntie of Everton youngster James Vaughan. She then proceeded to tell her customers – and anyone else in a 500m radius – that the family had high hopes for young James and that he was going to be better than Wayne Rooney in a few years.

So come on, James. That’s the expectations of thousands of Evertonians and sun-seekers on your shoulders!