Top 10 community service footballers

Posted by - May 15, 2009 - Lists

The players who took football in the community a bit too far

1. Joey Barton
The Newcastle midfielder (for now at least) continued to clock up the 200 hours of community service he was given for assaulting former Manchester City team-mates Ousmane Dabo. He spent four hours cleaning up Newcastle Falcons rugby union ground

2. Eric Cantona
The Manchester United legend’s prison sentence for his kung-fu attack on Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons was reduced to 120 hours of community service on appeal. I think his community service involved feeding seagulls or something…

3. Patrick Kluivert
Clearly still the darling of the Dutch public at that time, Kluivert some how managed to escape a manslaughter charge relating to a fatal car crash with just 240 hours of community service in 1996.

4. Jonathan Woodgate
The infamous trial and re-trial of Woodgate and Lee Bowyer over an attack on an Asian student in Leeds resulted in the defender being given 100 hours of community service for affray. Bowyer was cleared of causing grievous bodily harm and affray.

5. Nathan Dyer
The Southampton youngster was given 60 hours of community service last year after pleading guilty to burglary. Dyer had entered the staff room at a bar with a group of other, including Bradley Wright Phillips, and looked through the bags of staff members. Cash and mobile phones were taken.

6. Kevin Kyle
The then Coventry player received 120 hours community service in 2007 for celebrating Scotland’s Euro 2008 qualification victory over France by punching someone in the street. He had eggs thrown at him while completing the community service order in Nuneaton. According to his Wikipedia page, this was because due to “the fact he was paid £8,000 a week, and quite often struggled to make contact with the football when he kicked it”.

7. Adam Strachan
The Ross County player was sentenced to 80 hours community service last month after being caught headbutting his girlfriend on CCTV. Despite the video evidence, he came out with the following gem to police: “I didn’t head butt her, I wouldn’t do that to a lassie.”

8. Alan Lithgow
Last year the Clyde and former Scotland under-19 player was given 240 hours of community service and place on the Sex Offenders’ Register after admitting four offences flashing and performing a sex act on himself.

9. Danny Cadamarteri
Received 180 hours of community service in 2002 for perverting to the course of justice after lying to police about an assault that he later admitted he was guilty of committing.

10. Shaun Newton
The ex-West Ham man received 180 hours of community service over a speeding ticket scam in which he allowed an associate to take the blame for the speeding offences on seven occasions. He also charged team-mates Teddy Sheringham and Bobby Zamora to get their speeding tickets ‘dealt with’.

  • Mohamed S.

    I want Kluivert’s lawyer.

  • Cleaning Coventry

    Number 7 is a real classic: “I didn’t head butt her, I wouldn’t do that to a lassie.” Number 5 is pretty low…