Top 10 conclusions Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United

Posted by - May 5, 2009 - Arsenal, Champions League, Conclusions, Lists, Manchester United

1. After all the talk of a tight match – from Sir Alex Ferguson – and a sneaky Arsenal win – from Arsene Wenger – it just goes to show that football managers (and the rest of us) don’t know anything!

2. How ironic that after the GIF that has been doing the rounds all week, it was Kieran Gibbs on his backside which set the ball rolling for United.

3. United’s third goal was the sort you could watch over and over. A counter attack taken straight from the text book.

4. Sod’s law from Arsenal’s point of view that the first time the Emirates Stadium volume level has gone above the ‘heated discussion in library’ setting they concede two goals in the first 10 minutes.

5. I can understand Gooners’ frustrations at the way things were going, but I didn’t see Roberto Rosetti making too many mistakes in the first-half when they were on his back. Yes, unlike the first-leg Ronaldo was given free-kicks, but I can’t recall a single dive.

6. He did make one MASSIVE mistake though. Commiserations to Darren Fletcher who must be gutted and should never have been sent-off in a million years. That is a big loss to the United midfield for the final.

7. Therefore, we can also conclude that referees ought to be able to overturn their decisions in European matches with the benefit of video replays, or at least some form of appeal process put in place. It was quite humorous to see Fergie immediately discussing the appeal process with the fourth official though! “Erm, there isn’t one, Sir Alex.”

8. This will be particularly tough for Arsene Wenger to get over. As alluded to in our first conclusion, the Arsenal boss had given a most un-Wenger like big build-up and his quotes post-match suggest he was shocked by how easily United had secured victory.

9. Manuel Almunia need not bother applying for English citizenship. We already have a host of keepers who specialise in misjudging the flight of free-kicks.

10. If indeed the bomb scare shortly after half-time was a feeble attempt by an Arsenal fan to get the game postponed then it was ridiculously over the top… and a source of useful humour. On Twitter within minutes: “A suspicious package was found shortly after half-time during tonight’s game at the Emirates Stadium, but it turned out not to pose any threat. That’s Nicklas Bentdner for you.”

  • Stuart

    Men against children.. I think that says it all.

    Arsene’s team of kids no longer has neither the know-how or even the potential to threaten the top teams in England or Europe. Its time for change of policy or a change of manager.

  • Zekky

    #8 is missing!

    I don’t necessarily agree with Stuart, I mean 2006 was an ‘older’ team and this is what this team “could” be in a couple of seasons. The Arsenal faithful can only take next year as an excuse for so much longer. Does this cue the exit door for the likes of RVP, Adebayor, and Cesc??

  • Ryan

    A biased review that even ITV would be proud of.

  • Usama

    Ryan – there weren’t many positives for Arsenal in the first place, were there?

  • jerome

    i think that stuart’s comment is stupid considering arsenal were in the champions league semi-final in the first place.

  • Junaid

    Ahahahaha…love the last one Rob!

  • devin

    apparently getting to the semi-final in the champions league doesn’t put them in the higher echelon of european football? stuart, they made it further than any team out of italy and germany…and only 1 team in spain will make it further than them.

    stuart, you are an idiot

  • Darryl

    The suspicious package was a trophy mate.

  • liam

    but jerome. you lost.

  • jerome

    i never said we didn’t… And by a better side but what he said is stupid.

  • Who Ate All the Pies

    The original home of Top 10 Conclusions…

  • Rob Parker

    Well, I reckon Who Ate All The Bratwurst was the original home when I started writing them for the 2006 World Cup matches.

  • Who Ate All the Pies

    Yeah, um, about that – as your editor then, I asked you to write those reviews in the Conclusions format. Hardly an original format, I know, but hey, its a fact, fact fans. Maybe you could have thought of your own title for game reviews, at least?

    Or, make a sentence using the words “flattery” and “imitation”, Rob.

  • Rob Parker

    My recollection of the editor’s input was more along the lines of “I liked those conclusions you did, do more.”

    And I did. Don’t think you inherit bragging rights on the basis that you were my editor and by certifying your opinion as “fact”.

  • Who Ate All the Pies

    Nicking the “best football blog on the planet” tagline, the shit lookalikes, the horror hair and more – come on Rob, this is basically a flat-out copy of my editorial template for Who Ate All the Pies (which I worked very hard to get right), and you know it.

  • Rob Parker

    Erm, Pies was “the smartest Premier League blog in the world” last time I checked…

    We don’t have Horror Hair, we don’t have Shit Lookalikes. As I’ve pointed out to you before, I don’t think Pies is the only football publication to have a lookalikes section or comment on footballers’ hair. And yet there was never any arsey comments on Pies from the likes of Football365. They probably realised they didn’t have a monopoly on these things…

  • Gamblos

    Haha. This is an exciting exchange! I thought Pies had been killed off though? Hence the mass exodus of readers to this blog, which I thought was a worthy successor.

  • Rob Parker

    Same here, Gamblos. So I originally used some of the same category titles intending on there being good continuity for ex-Pies readers. Ditched these at the first indication that any toes were being trampled on, but that is still not good enough seemingly.

    And apologies for the public exchange, but as you can see Ollie obviously came here to take a bit of a dig and nick some traffic if he could. I’m not going to be so petty as to delete that or his subsequent comments (regardless of how much I disagree with them).

    My response on Pies seems to have been left unpublished.

  • Usama

    Ollie is just pissed that OTP had more traffic than BigSoccerthingamajingy.

  • Ab

    So if I hit the ball first, but then lunge myself two footed studs up on the player’s (pick body part), it won’t be foul as long as I kicked the ball first?

  • Louwrens


  • Phil

    Put the toys back in the pram boys! Usama you are so right! OLLIE GROW UP.

  • roy

    Think that comment exchange was nearly as good as the conclusions themselves, although ollie you should dry your eyes mate

  • Jill

    As a former bratwurst and then pies ‘reader’, Ollie there was a huge gap in the market which has been successfully filled. Well done Rob and OTP.

  • ben c

    I used to love who ate all the pies and that’s not to say I’m not gonna also read that site but seriously Ollie, way to look like a baby. If you’re really that upset about this try and create better content or update more. If theres one think I know about football fans it’s that they will spend an insane amount of time reading news on football. There’s room for both of you.