Top 10 conclusions Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

Posted by - May 6, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea, Conclusions, Lists

1. Yet again we are going to spend the aftermath of a big match talking about refereeing decisions rather than the football itself. Tom Henning Ovrebo had a bit of a nightmare. OK, a lot of a nightmare. In Barca’s defence, he reserved his worst decision for them – there is no way Eric Abidal should have been sent-off.

2. You can call me Mystic Rob. The narrative of that match was written all over it so much that in the first-half I Tweeted:
“I reckon that early goal was bad news for Chelsea. It’s all going well for now, but giving Barca an excuse to attack for 80mins.” And: “I smell last minute tears…”

3. Fans of attacking football, methinks that last-gasp goal might have made for a more entertaining final. Now we concentrate on the football rather than whether John Terry will cry or not.

4. Those were two stunning goals. We mustn’t forget that in all of the furore. Essien’s in particular was out of this world.

5. Barcelona were really poor. I haven’t seen a team pass the ball about and have so much possession without creating anything since… well, Arsenal. For all the hype and expectations (and the fact that they actually won the tie) they never really produced anything in 180 minutes of football.

6. Pep Guardiola could be a future Chelsea manager. He seems to mastered the Jose Mourinho tactic of being more entertaining than his team!

7. Michael Ballack was hilarious after the handball shout was turned down. I thought he was going to eat the referee (see above).

8. The post-match scenes were disgraceful. Unless you can overlook the vitriol and just look at flip-flop clad Didier Drogba swearing at TV cameras and think ‘that is pretty damn funny’.

9. I suppose that result theoretically halves the number of Britons who will get their buttocks stabbed in Rome.

10. Yes, Chelsea fans. You probably should have had at least three penalties.

What did you conclude, people?

  • Tom P.

    Disgraceful ref, he should never be allowed to blow a whistle again.

  • nithin

    it was a nightmare match for refree in all sense…red card for abidal was out of world…chelsea should have played proper football..its like barcelona who did nothing all night..ended up lucky with one goal on shot and one goal..this match gives a lesson..take your chances when they are on grabs than crying over the bad decisions…..really if a good referee was there..chelsea would have won comfortably by 3 or 4 goals..

  • Verrtino

    I conclude Chelsea took their chances, then we woudn’t really consider the referee’s performance. Pleased for Barcelona, hope they win the final. Rooting for TH and his mob.

  • Martin S.

    Spot on as always, Rob! Keep ’em coming!

    Nightmare referee decisions in the game and Chelsea players were a total disgrace at the end. Drogba should have taken his chances earlier in the game rather than aiming his frustration at the referees and tv cameras. Unbelievable.

  • cwiras

    three penalties?!?!?!? c’mon!!!!!!!!!!! not more than one and ii am a barca fan, though chelsea did not deserve anything through their anti-football display in this semi-final clash

  • alex x

    I conclude Pep Guardiola has the coolest suits on the planet, did you see the ultra-posh white lining of his jacket flashing out while he was celebrating down the touchline? What Elan! Who makes those bad boys?

  • nath

    Another game where the Ref’s have decided that they are bigger than the game and will show it. Yesterdays was the same. At least this one had a dramatic conclusion. Hopefully, as mentioned, the final will be a game of attacking football.

  • Pedro

    Anti-football? Regardless of how your tactics are set up or how many defensive players you play (in Chelsea’s defence, their midfield wasn’t exactly Essien x4), when a team attacks you, regardless of how good they are, you put pressure on them and DEFEND. Chelsea did just that and were so and so on the break. Should have ended the match earlier but what many seem to not realise is that when you concede a penalty you are effectively breaking the rules in your advantage either by taking out a player in a dangerous position, thwarting a dangerous move or unfairly impeding the progress of the ball in your advantage. All three situations occured and Barcelona were not penalised. True, Drogba should have killed it, but the simple fact that he was through on goal, took a player out (Piqué) and could have settled the tie is evidence enough that Barcelona were not the better team. Arsenal had more possession yesterday and MORE shots on goal than Barcelona. Does that mean they played better? No. All of this “total football” talk is complete nonsense. Yes, Barcelona are an extremely talented team that can potentially beat any team in the world. But they were not superior to Chelsea in anything but bravado and unfulfilled potential. One shot on goal and it’s a victory for attacking football. Ridiculous.

  • Usama

    When I was watching the toss, I looked at the ref and thought, “Well, he looks a jolly fellow. Can’t have many complaints with him I’m sure.”


  • Mike

    In my opinion, the worst call of the game by the ref was the red card given against Barcelona….

    Barcelona was playing a man down for 30 minutes and Chelsea still could not seal it….

    Also, find me 1 ref that is going to call a penalty kick to decide the game…

  • OmegaSupreme

    Chelsea deserved to win and were prevented in doing so only because of a weak referee.

    Jamie Redknapp was embarrassing. He got everything wrong. In particular railing against Norway was unjustified.

    He may be getting on a bit Frankie Lamps had incredible energy levels right to the end.

  • JS

    I’m a BARÇA fan and i got to admit they were handballs. The other ones were not penalties: the first was a foul of Malouda not Alves just look at this pic and tell me who’s grabbing who
    in the second drogba dived and the third was a clean tackle
    And Abidall wasn´t even close to touching him.
    Other than that :

  • Pedro

    The red card wasn’t harsh, it was absolute comedy. A very, very poor decision that makes last night’s sending off of Fletcher seem like brilliant refereeing. That said, arguments such as “another ref. would not have given a crucial penalty like that” are simply silly because if it in fact is a penalty, it should be given, period. On the face of it, Barcelona had the most blatantly wrong decision going against them, but surely three good penalty shouts (one that was actually given, only outside the box) should not go unnoticed by a good referee. If not, then what is the point of having them?
    What really annoys me though is the “total Barça football” brigade. They play spectacularly at times, yes, but they are not gods. I think people fully expect other teams’ attacking players to stand around with arms crossed waiting for Barça to do their thing. How is it “anti-football” to track back and help out your defence?

  • Junaid

    Awful refereeing…I don’t think he’ll have a worst game…still with no Alves, Marquez or Abidal I think United have a pretty good chance. 😀

  • Darryl

    I’m a Spurs fan, and despite detesting Chelsea, I feel angry for them. I was annoyed enough after a penalty decision at Old Trafford that pales into insignificance… that was on a different planet.

  • warlord




  • Penna

    Why are people forgetting that Barca were the ones that were dealt the most unjust blow in the game by Abidal’s extremely unjust sending off? I mean – seriously!

  • Joe

    Chelsea were screwed out of at least one clear penalty. I am a Chelsea supporter and I have two things to say, first they handed an absolute gift of a red card to Abidal. Although to be fair, I’d rather have been awarded one of the just penalties and have let Abidal stay on the park…but the second and more salient point is that Drogba, at 1-0 up, had a golden chance to put the game on ice and he produced a weak shot that Valdes kicked away…that was the game right there. Drogba had SO much time to stop, get his feet set, perhaps scratch himself, and then shoot. He has nobody to blame but himself.

  • Louwrens

    If Drogba had finished that one-on-one with Valdes like a proper striker he wouldn’t have had to embarass himself after the game like that. Idiot.

  • Alex D

    either way, as a united fan, i wanted barcelona to win. its not a championship if we just beat the shit out of chelsea, like earlier in the season, this will make for a more interesting game.

  • Edoardo

    you can tell an english team was involved – man all this whinging over a team that stuffed up over two legs, penalties, henry, drogba, handball, red cards whatever…..who says you are going to score the penalty? all these players are going to be in monaco earning millions while you plebs argue over something that is extremely trivial.

  • nikster

    Chelsea are the queens of whiners, to say it with Shaq. Was JT crying there in the end?

    Yeah Barca was disappointing – give ’em a stiff defense and they look ordinary. I hope they’ll be better against ManU because otherwise it’s going to be a 3:1 carve-up like with Arsenal.

    At the most there was one penalty not given that was the Pique handball, and even that’s debatable. The foul on Malouda – who was fouling whom, look at this pic and tell me:

    Even Malouda didn’t think he deserved a pen for that one.

    Interesting fact: Let’s see who complained most:
    – Ballack. Almost made it 2:1 but hit a defender instead of the goal. No one but himself to blame
    – Drogba: Missed the game’s golden chance for a 2:0, hit the keeper in the feet instead of scoring from 10m out. Failed to convince anyone that he would even try to stay on his feet by falling over at the slightest breeze and rolling on the ground dramatically. At one point he was even holding his face when a replay showed that there had been no contact, face or otherwise. Disgraceful cheat.

    Anyway I also thought the 1:0, while a stunning strike, was bad for Chelsea, they got complacent and timid.