Top five conclusions Newcastle 3-1 Middlesbrough

Posted by - May 12, 2009 - Conclusions, Lists, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Premier League


1. Middlesbrough are down. Newcastle are not safe, but Middlesbrough are down.

2. I’m not convinced that bringing on Obafemi Martins for a fairly ineffectual Michael Owen suddenly makes Alan Shearer a tactical genius, but Martins’ goal could be absolutely priceless.

3. The start of the first-half was exciting, pulsating, and had some good football (particularly from Newcastle). In the second half you could be forgiven for thinking the two teams were already in the Championship and scrapping it out to avoid relegation to League One.

4. After Habib Beye’s early own goal, I thought the pitch was causing Newcastle problems again.

5. The young-ish Newcastle fan captured on camera wearing his old 1997 home shirt should accept that he hadn’t hit puberty in 1997, and that is the reason why said shirt is crushing his ribcage.

  • Zero

    Please fuck off you ass hole. You’re right about Newcastle being safe, but the rest of your “piece” is just slamming Newcastle. Let us have 24 hours without you piece of shit journalist ragging on the club.

  • Usama

    Newcastle ARE the laughing stock of the league, though, aren’t they Zero?

  • David Allison

    Zero – read the piece. Rob didn’t mention that we are safe; quite the opposite. Christ, he even said we played some good football.

    And everything else he says is true, if said with a little cheek. But that’s the nature of blogs such as OTP; they’re meant to be banter. If you can’t take any stick, don’t spend your time reading these kinds of websites – no fan is safe!