Video: Corinthians captain set on fire in victory celebration

Posted by - May 4, 2009 - South America

Oops, we set light to the skipper

Corinthians’ Paulista championship victory over Santos was overshadowed by the trophy celebration, which saw captain William set on fire. The skipper was on a podium covered in confetti to collect the cup when the array of fireworks sent both confetti and captain up in flames. Apparently news that paper is flammable had not reached Brazil.

The fire was quickly put out, but William was clearly not far from a nasty accident. In a quote that has clearly been mistranslated since a footballer has never been known to use the word lament, Corinthians star Fat Ronaldo said: “I lament the disorganisation. I didn’t have the chance to celebrate with our supporters, I kept getting hit by microphones.”

Thanks to Lupek for sending this in.

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