Video: Didier Drogba loses it completely and swears at a TV camera

Posted by - May 6, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea, Football videos

Didier goes loco

Where I come from we have a name for people who walk around in flip-flops swearing at electrical appliances. Actually, we don’t but we should probably come up with one.

Anyhow, here is Chelsea’s Didier Drogba trotting onto the pitch in his airiest footwear to harass the referee before dropping the F-bomb on live TV! I’m not sure what is funnier: Drogba’s craziness or Guus Hiddink standing there helpless like the straight guy in Didier’s comedy duo.

  • http://rtgfdesfd GOOD LAD

    WEll done Drogba, you tell them striaght, im a yid and i think that he is right… cheating the English out of the game… Platini you are a c*nt and suck my balls you cheating twat!!
    And for f*ck sake sky why put a camera in his face you idiots… ALSO ANDY GRAY IS CRAP


  • Brooks

    Yet, he speaks the truth. It was a disgrace. And his blind rage is understandable given the situation and freshness of it.

  • Stan

    it was a great game killed by the biased ref

  • neutral

    drogba’s a disgrace. shocking behaviour in front of a worldwide audience – including many kids. no way to treat an official, even if he did get decisions wrong

  • also neutral

    don’t think he was a biased ref, just an absolutely terrible one. if he was biased he wouldnt have sent abidal off (another terrible decision)

  • Bernard

    “like the straight gay in Didier’s comedy duo”

    Please, never ever fix that typo

  • Nas

    I don’t blame Drogba, you outplay the toughest squad in EU only to lose it because of dumb official. Ref is there to do his job right, that’s that. You don’t cunt up and get to hear about it a week later in a closed board room with a cup of tea infront of you.

  • OmegaSupreme

    Well he did stop short of making the “Im going to slit your throat” gesture so I think as rants go it was maybe a 7.

  • GrowUpDidier

    How can people be trying to justofy this behaviour? As football fans we should all be disgusted and appalled. This kind of behaviour is destroying our game. The ref was pretty bloody ordinary, i’ll admit it, and i don’t like Chelsea, but you just can’t do that. If it was my team, and Fernando Torres or Steven Gerrard doing the same thing, i would feel the same way. Its disgusting. The only thing thats a disgrace is you Didier, have , fun sitting and watching from the stands, Phillistine.

  • GrowUpDidier

    *Justify…i’m not a complete numpty…just a shit typist!!

  • Bill

    The refs desicions was based on reputation. – “The little boy who cries wolf” is what comes to mind. – The ref WAS poor, however, Chelsea think they were hard done by, when Barca’s player was sent off for ABSOLUTELY NO WRONG DOING – The poor lad cant play in the final, and he should be able to.

    To say that chelsea “out-did” barcalona is crazy, they played with an extra player, if that wasn’t a serious advantage to the blues!


    Stamford bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, Stamford bridge is falling down, POOR OL’ CHELSKI.

  • amin ahmad

    youy great person drougba i hate this refree in my mind he takes money

  • Zekky

    Chelsea are a bunch of prats…I am glad they lost in such fashion. I cant think of any other team that has a collection of muppet players such as Chelsea. Drogba, Ballack, Cashley, JT…whine, whine, whine!

  • per

    Funny thing….. None of you has mentioned the quarter-final a few years back when Barcelona was robbed by the ref against, hmmmm, lets think………. Oh, that’s right, Chelsea!!!!!!!! Football is not just at all times, but in the long run it usually equals it self out! Says me, a West Ham fan!!!!