Video: Hearts fan tries to attack Hibs goalscorer Derek Riordan

Posted by - May 8, 2009 - Football videos, Scotland

Pitch invader takes offence to penalty being scored

Hibs’ Derek Riordan very nearly got a punch to the head for his troubles after scoring the winning goal in the Edinburgh derby against Hearts. Jambos fans invaded the pitch after Riordan converted a 79th-minute penalty, and at least one looked intent on taking a swing at the goalscorer.

Riordan said: “I was terrified. There was somebody right in my face and he kidded on that HE might have got punched — but it must have been Casper the Ghost that got him because I never went near him! I thought he was going to swing at me but people managed to grab him away then he just rolled about.”

Rough translation: I hid behind the referee and he couldn’t get me!

Riordan added: “I think Ian Murray got hit by a coin as well. The groundsman will make a few bob!”

Hearts promised to take the “necessary action against any supporter found guilty”.

Video spotted on 101GG

  • Robbos Loyal

    Legend, the guys my mate, should have killed the wee scumbag!

  • Dons fan

    what a dickish thing to say!!

  • Hibee Woody

    What an absolute tosser your mate must be, one derek riordan 😉

  • Jolly Jambo

    Derek Riordan – pretend footballer. No fucker else will have him. Pathetic prick.

  • Hibee Woody

    Hes better than any of ur shite upfront, use cudnt score in a barrel of fannies 😉

  • kdy casuals

    Wyllie wyllie fukin LEGEND!!!

  • Baader

    What an embarrassment. That guy is a dick. Rolling about holding his face? Everyone is just laughing at him. Couldnae even handle the referee. Four hundred quid and embarrassing yourself on TV is probably punishment enough. Getting banned for life from Tiny is actually doing the little twat a favour. It was extremely funny though so thank for the laughs pal! My mates and me were howling at him rolling about!

  • Jon Maciver

    You are such a fuking FANNY!!!!
    James forest thinks so to. xx

  • Jon Maciver

    All the lews castle college boys think your a twat Fuk off back to the dirty hole you came from CASPER you cunt!