Video: Italian TV catches footballers speeding

Posted by - May 21, 2009 - Football videos, Italy

It’s only a bit of fun

The premise for this TV show is so stupid that it is actually genius. It would never get off the ground in England because a) the players would moan about an invasion of their privacy; and b) the public outcry and reams of Daily Mail editorials after the first edition would make it impossible to continue.

The show goes along these lines: the TV show parks a car on a road leading to the training ground of a Serie A club and points a speed radar gun through the rear windscreen. They then clock the speeds of all the footballers driving past (above the speed limit, surprisingly) and record them in motor racing-style standings.

As you can see, at AC Milan it is Thiago Silva who has least respect for the 30kmh speed limit as he bombs along at 74kmh above that. Old timers Paolo Maldini and David Beckham have clearly mellowed over the years and merely post speeds of just over double the limit.

Over at Inter the least ‘footballer’ car award goes to Ivan Cordoba and his Fiat 500. And congratulations to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who managed to get filmed cutting a corner!

Erm, excuse me, Mr Cordoba, we are going to need that award back. Here is Roma’s episode, including Alberto Aquilani driving BELOW the speed limit in his Smart car!

Spotted on The Offside and Dirty Tackle