Video: Jose Mourinho thinks he’s Maradona

Posted by - May 2, 2009 - Football videos, Italy

Special One scores special goal

This video makes you wonder why Jose Mourinho bothered to build a squad at Chelsea – he clearly could have done it all by himself! He breaks up play like Claude Makelele, dribbles like Joe Cole, and finishes like Didier Drogba. He celebrates like Jose Mourinho.

Spotted on 101GG

  • Usama

    Finishes like Quaresma*. Outside of his boot, no?

  • Pedro

    Interesting to note he hasn’t forgotten traditional Portuguese footie-speak, i.e., he reacts to cries of “foul” with a resounding:
    “‘Fallo’ o caralho que te foda é que é falta. Falta o caralho”
    And then “Pó caralho” as he finishes the move. Roughly translated, it would sound like:
    ‘Caralho’ is the Portuguese equivalent of ‘cock’, but is much harsher than its English counterpart, while ‘foda’ means ‘fuck’. ‘Falta’ is pretty obvious, I guess. Priceless.

  • Junaid

    I’d love for him to be the next United manager…