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Video: Jose Mourinho thinks he’s Maradona

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  • Usama

    Finishes like Quaresma*. Outside of his boot, no?

  • Pedro

    Interesting to note he hasn’t forgotten traditional Portuguese footie-speak, i.e., he reacts to cries of “foul” with a resounding:
    “‘Fallo’ o caralho que te foda é que é falta. Falta o caralho”
    And then “Pó caralho” as he finishes the move. Roughly translated, it would sound like:
    ‘Caralho’ is the Portuguese equivalent of ‘cock’, but is much harsher than its English counterpart, while ‘foda’ means ‘fuck’. ‘Falta’ is pretty obvious, I guess. Priceless.

  • Junaid

    I’d love for him to be the next United manager…