Video: Reading’s Andre Bikey loses it big time

Posted by - May 11, 2009 - Championship, Football videos, Oddballs

Like Didier Drogba with ADHD

Andre Bikey is angry. Andre Bikey wants to play in the Premier League again. Andre Bikey wants to help Reading get promoted. Unfortunately, Andre Bikey wants to be able to stamp on people and get away with it.

The Reading defender confirmed suspicions that he is mad as a hatter by stamping on Burnley’s Robbie ‘Bad Beat Bob’ Blake during the Championship play-off semi-final. And not just any stamp: the most obvious deliberate stamp you are ever likely to see.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact he has just stamped on an opponent right in front of the referee, Bikey goes crazy upon being shown the red card. He takes off his shirt with all the difficulty of a man escaping from a straight-jacket (which he may well have done at some point).

After stamping around a bit and attempting to eat his fists, he throws his shirt away one more time before stomping off the pitch. He then looks disgusted when keeper Marcus Hahnemann treats his shirt with a similar level of respect!

This is the same guy who once attacked a medic who was treating his Cameroon team-mate for no apparent reason. Cue another red card and another tantrum.

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • UF

    Same video twice?

  • Rob Parker

    Bizarre. Fixed now.