Video: When Ronaldo met Hugh Jackman

Posted by - May 6, 2009 - Football videos, South America

Complete strangers meet to exchange gifts in front of cameras

Christmas in the Jackman household must be a wonderful time. Not only does Hugh buy terrible presents, he also buys them about two sizes too small for the recipient. But the size issue is just one of many reasons why you will never see Originaldo wearing (another prime one being the fact that it belongs on an acne-ridden 13-year-old boy).

The meeting was set-up to help the Aussie actor promote his new movie, Wolverine, in Brazil. But the lack of a common language meant proceedings always veered towards ridiculously awkward. Jackman, an actor after all, at least attempted to act comfortable. That soon changed when he realised he had been hopelessly outdone in the gift department!

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