Which British band pumped-up Barcelona to do the treble?

Posted by - May 29, 2009 - Champions League

Coldplay, apparently

Yes, you read correctly. It seems Pep Guardiola’s secret weapon as his side won the Champions League was non other than master gloomy pop merchants Coldplay. The band, previously unable to uplift so much as the dust from their guitar amp, were Barca’s motivational music of choice.

The track Viva La Vida has been pumped out on the Barca coach for every game this season, including Wednesday night’s victory over Manchester United. In a quote that has either been very badly translated or revealed Xavi’s real age as being around 75, the midfielder said: “Viva la vida is a sophisticated piece of grandiose orchestration that motivates and gives us luck.”

And their are more fans in Barca’s ranks.

Gerard Pique said: “We always play Viva la Vida by Coldplay on the bus when we’re travelling to the stadium. I think the lyrics motivate us and prepare us to fight on the pitch. Pep [Guardiola], Dani [Alves] and Xavi all love Coldplay. I think for Dani, Coldplay is the only English band he listens to.”

Alves would beg to differ though. He said: “That song does not motivate me because I do not understand what he says. Each of us on the team have our focus and not everyone likes the same music.”

The song was used during the team’s victory reception at the Camp Nou and features heavily in internet highlights packages of the final.

  • doesyourmotherknow

    ‘i used to rule the world, seas would rise when i gave the word, now in the morning i sleep alone, sleep the streets i used to own…’

    you sure that’s a motivational song gerard? seems a bit ominous to me…

  • doesyourmotherknow

    *sweep the streets i used to own

    not sure how you’d go about sleeping a street.