Alan Shearer’s £1 shop

Posted by - June 3, 2009 - Newcastle United, Oddballs, Sunderland

Discount Geordie emporium

If you want to grab a bargain get yourself down to Shearer’s £1 shop. Everything’s a pound. Except Mark Viduka: he is about 250lbs.

This sign has been genuinely fitted by a Sunderland-supporting professional signmaker!

Spotted on The Spoiler

  • SMBs

    Typical illiterate, behind the times Mackem – NUFC haven’t been sponsored by Newcastle Brown for a number of years, there is an apostrophe missing from “Shearer’s” and like the rest of Sunderland, the shop is clearly not doing any business at all. 1/10 – must try harder.

  • Usama

    Isn’t Joey Barton a tad bit overpriced?

  • Joe

    AAAAAAAHahahahaha, the Mark Viduka comment made me spray my morning coffee!

  • woodeye

    Aaah come on SMB, take it on the chin, no need to be pedantic about a little typo, rise above it and when it happens to us as it well might if the fat disloyal geordie takes over the reins it will be your turn.
    Just accept it as a little gloating from a Sunderland supporter who has had precious little to gloat over in recent years-well apart from the outbursts of mr shepherd, the third coming and going of king kev, the failings of the new messiah, the ramblings of stephen taylor, the signing of barton, the form coloccini, sick note, viduka et al 🙂

  • Chris

    If you look it says Newcastle ‘DOWN’ Ale, its not meant as a sponsor, its a joke!

  • dazzyboy

    lol hahahahaha
    aint it so funny when a team like sunderland who r up and down from prem to championship like a fucking yoyo mock a team who have gone down in the first time since ive been alive!!! lol how do u like your new toon manager!!! lets hope he does us a favour and puts u twats and your stadiam of shite back where u belong in championship!!! its like watching a polish man who moved to england for 1 season mock a english man for moving to there native poland!!! thats right the prems our native home and the championship yours!! you might be up but for how long?? what did you survive by about 2 or 3 points wasnt it??????? very good give yourselfs a clap!!!

  • dazzyboy

    and if you go on the right result web site where the stupid ref mistakes are sorted to see the real table your see your shit team should of finished 2nd bottom and both boro and the toon survive!!! so looks like your survival is thanks to the poor ref decisions this season!!!

  • grow up dazzyboy

    nice to see your not bitter or twisted in any way dizzyboy

  • Ade

    dazzydeludedboy- Funny how the league of injustice shows us at 9th and yous clowns 10th. Still if you didn’t cheat for a penalty against us we would of been 2 points better off. Just face it toon army you have had our lives since the birth of football(1993) and now it is payback time. If you give it out you have to take it. SAFC= Premier league, ambituos, good chairman, new billionaire owner, a good manager and we are going places. NUFC=Chumpionship, hideous wages, old has been players, owner who wants to sell, no manager and destined for league 1. I do feel for your genuine pre-1993 fans as I know their pain. As for the glory hunting bandwagon jumpers from places like Shields and Washington they can get lost and enjoy Scunthorpe, then again they will probably dis-own Championship Newcastle now and pretend to be a mackem. FTM

  • Ade

    my mistake us 12th shitecastle 16th

  • Timbo

    I am a Toon fan but this is genuinely funny , take it on the chin lads , we’d have taken the piss relentlessly if the shoe were on the other foot. ( we have in the past )
    Xisco and Barton should be on a get one free and get another one free deal.

  • Kenny

    As a Newcastle United fan I should be a tad bit peeved with this but I have to say, what an original piece of art. Nothing a Toon fan wouldn’t do if they could if the Mackems went down. Well done for stayin up but as we’re coming back up next season you’ll be on your way down so get the ”Bruce’s 99p Sale Shop” signs ready boys 🙂

    Owen free of charge if purchased along with Barton and Xisco for £1.99

  • Robbb

    Ohhh SMB bitter or what??

    Sour grapes me thinks! Deal with it, Newcastle were NOT too big to go down, and now their all sick as parrots!

  • hahahaha newcastle!!

    As neither a geordie nor a makem I find this absolutely brilliant.
    Newcastle are going the way of Leeds United. There is no such thing as a team that deserves to be in any league. I can’t wait to see St James’s win the coveted Largest Stadium in League 1 title.
    I give it two years before it happens.

  • Octavarium

    SMB – your inbred lot don’t even know what the proper name of your (council owned) ground is.Go down,stay down,don’t kick up such a fuss….& ROT.

  • Madasaboxofffogs

    I’m a thick fat geordie and will never support nucatle again 🙁

    I wish i was clever , thin , goodlooking and lived in Sunderland 🙁

    Oh the shame ……. FTM ….. 🙂


    All ive got to say is yoyo.
    Nd u sad monkey bastards have got no right wot so eva, to grieve the toon. A mean howere how many times u beat us at the stadium ov shite. yous are fuckin shit man u always have been. wot hav u eva done in the premership ? nowt ! no champions league. no top 4 nowt at all. are yeah im sorry u hav broke records a few years ago for goin down with the shittest ever points in the premier league.
    so face up 2 it nd think twice b4 u try (very badly a must say) mock the geordie nation
    with a very shit attempt.

  • Scottydont

    HAHA what a Tool it doesnt say sponsored by brown ale its a piss take and it says newcastle down ale. Never mind have you got any gcse’s can u spell GCSE foolish


    Response to sharkys coment: WE may not have broken any records but did we not beat u 2-1 this season and then also draw with you and i say draw only becase of that bullshit penalty that you’s were given. doesnt take a great deal of skill to fall over now does it you fucking tool.