Albanian fans crown Cristiano Ronaldo as Miss World

Posted by - June 8, 2009 - International, Oddballs

I thought Albanians were pale with blond hair…

These Albanian supports have clearly got:
a) a lot of time on their hands
b) a very good grasp of English
c) a healthy dislike of Cristiano Ronaldo

This may at first glance look like a pretty low-brow (albeit funny) jibe at the preening Portuguese. But dig a little deeper and it seems the banner is actually mocking the fact that Ronaldo and Portugal are dangerously close to allowing themselves to ‘Miss’ World Cup 2010.

Fair play, lads. OTP wouldn’t fancy its chances of cracking a pun in Albanian.

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Joe

    As much as I’d enjoy an international tournament devoid of Portugal’s underhanded tactics, I think they will find a way to get in. Unlike Newcastle, I think they are a bit too good to miss out. They’ve got a few matches left and I think they will catch Hungary at least. Group A is surprising as I’d have guessed Portugal to go top and Denmark and Sweden to fight it out for 2nd spot.

  • Tommy

    hmmm i dont know, the call up to boa morte has them looking really desperate….would love to see them miss out though…just think of the fat tear drops that would fall from Miss World…

  • A-Z

    LOL on the great joke. No one really dislikes Ronaldo in Albania, it was just a little bit of fun. Oh and most Albanians are pale and blonde but for most Albanians’ they are really blonde when they are kids and for some reason they go brunette when they get older, it is probably due to the hot climate.

  • Enea

    Albanians go brunette when they get older??? A-Z, what u talkin about..? And I bet half of the country dislikes Ronaldo with a passion for his bitchy manners when things dont go his way on the pitch… i can tell you i’m one of them.

    nice joke though, i’d say it’s 50% satiric, 50% serious.

  • albanian_wolf

    i agree with A-Z its was indeed a great joke.even if i must say that we albanians have always had a hate for guys like c.ronaldo who give all that importance to their appearance.actually we call them fags.
    as for the blonde thing yes,mostly is like A-Z said all albanian kids are mostly blonde and have blue/green eyes but not all of them get brunette when they become older.there ARE a lot of blonde people in one myself.

  • albanian_wolf

    well said enea

  • span girl…

    im from spain actuallly from madrid and i love i must say that i ve never heard befor of albania but with this post they become known everywhere as the gango place who hates c/ronaldo ….that post it wass just suuuuuuuper cool …..but i think that albanians do not really hate ch.ronaldo uuu and albania has a beatifull flag and name…but i like c.ronaldo too