Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti’s dirty movie debut

Posted by - June 3, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos, Oddballs

Carlo beats up angels

Chelsea’s new coach Carlo Ancelotti also has a sideline as an actor. The ex-Milan man has appeared in a few Italian films (all football-themed). Here he is making his debut in the 1983 film Don Camillo. Ancelotti is one of the secret weapons of a team of devils as they battle it out against a team of angels.

He said: “In Don Camillo, I play for a communist football team owned by the village mayor Peppone, the great rival of Don Camillo. It was just a football match between angels and demons. I was really happy to be in this film as Don Camillo was born in Brescello, just 10 kilometres from where I was born.”

Dirty devil Ancelotti adds some very tough tackling grit to a match that is otherwise camper than the Eurovision Song Contest. You can see Ancelotti making his dramatic substitute appearance around 4mins 21 seconds, and it is worth watching the rest to check out his kung-fu movie fouls!