Chelsea swap one puffing lawbreaker for another

Posted by - June 1, 2009 - Chelsea, Football videos, Oddballs, Scotland

Carlo Ancelotti also accustomed to flouting the smoking ban

As Guus Hiddink walks off into the sunset with the FA Cup under his arm, his cigar in his mouth and one eye looking out for any representatives from Brent Council who might like to fine him, Chelsea have wasted no time in appointing Carlo Ancelotti as their new boss (didn’t see that one coming).

But OTP is not quite sure who is following in who’s footsteps. You see, Ancelotti’s smoking habits were getting him into trouble on British soil more than two years ago. Here he is getting told to extinguish his cigarette by a Celtic steward back in 2007.

  • Usama

    He vowed to quit smoking if AC Milan won the Champions League in 2007..

  • Rob Parker

    I don’t think he’s kept his vow.

  • Joe

    I’m not really that excited by Ancelotti’s appointment. Hiddink made Chelsea attacking and dynamic. I fear a catenaccio era so boring, we’ll be yearning for the days of Jose Mourinho’s 1-0 wins.

  • Usama

    In the Jose Mourinho and AV Grant days, I literally used to fall asleep and see a 1-0 win when I woke up, then yearn for samba football. Scolari days – stay awake the whole game and still draw 0-0.
    So in hindsight, I’ll take a win over a snazzy display every day of the week. We were wrong to doubt Jose’s methods in the first place!

  • Zekky

    I still can’t figure out why Ancelotti would want to come to Chelsea and why they would want him either in the first place. Dollar signs aside, if we use Milan as a template for Ancelotti teams, they are predominantly older/aging squads. Chelsea won’t be getting any younger I reckon and I think they’ll struggle in years to come, and by struggle I mean not win silverware, not finish 8th.

  • Joe

    Usama…agreed. I wouldn’t mind having Jose back. He got results.

    I keep hearing that this is just their way of prising Kaka away from Milan, but I don’t really know if either Kaka or Ancelotti will really fit in the prem, Shevchenko certainly didn’t.

  • Usama

    I have a feeling this one will end in tears too. There just isnt’ a feel-good factor about Ancelotti.

  • boss908

    what a funny accent by commentator.