Confederations Cup Group B shows why we love football… sort of

Posted by - June 22, 2009 - International, Ranting and Raving

Proof it’s just 11 v 11, football matches aren’t played on paper and more cliches

Football is a mixed up game, and results in Group B of the Confederations Cup only serve to prove that. It is probably fair to say that Brazil were the best team in the group having won all three of their games (and it wouldn’t have been a startling revelation to suggest that they were the strongest team in the group).

So who is the next best team in the group? Beforehand, World Cup holders Italy would have been the obvious answer, and yet they were beaten by Egypt. That is the same Egypt side that came the closest of all the teams in the group from getting something against Brazil, but lost to the USA and ended up bottom the group.

That leaves the Americans, who lost 3-1 to Italy, 3-0 to Brazil and then beat Italy-conquering Egypt 3-0 in their final match to sneak through. It’s a funny old game.

  • Joe

    Didn’t the US go out of the last WC on goal difference after having beaten Ghana and managing a Draw with Italy? Seems a little good luck was due. I readily admit they were awful in their first two matches, but nobody in the group, other than Brazil, could find any consistency.

  • Zekky

    I know the World Cup is a year away, but if Italy play like that and have the same squad…they’ll be lucky to escape the group stage. Round of 16 is as good as it gets for them in 2010.

  • Ibracadabra

    Joe – Ghana beat the USA in 2006 in the World Cup.

  • Joe

    Well spotted…I must be getting senile.